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Smile - Live at Wolf Creek
Cloud Chamber

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Rainbow (Pedal Records CD version)

CD Front

3.Starship Narrator4:01
4.My Rain1:49
6.You laughed like a water mark7:02
7.Fuzzy reactor3:44
8.Sweet No. 16:53
9.... and, I want2:52

TakeshiGuitar, Bass, Vocal
WataGuitar, Vocal, Glockenspiel
AtsuoDrums, Percussion
Michio Kurihara Guitar

Recorded by Souichirou Nakamura (Peace Music) & Fangsanalsatan
from January to July, 2006
Mixed & Mastering by Souichirou Nakamura at Peace Music, Tokyo
Photos & design by Fangsanalsatan
Produced by Boris with Michio Kurihara

Rainbow (Drag City CD version)

CD Front
CD Back

3.Starship Narrator4:01
4.My Rain1:49
6.You Laughed Like a Water Mark7:02
7.Fuzzy Reactor3:44
8.Sweet No. 16:53
9.No Sleep Till I Become Hollow4:24

Inc 9 tracks include different Mix and Song from Pedal Records version

Designed by Naomi Yang

Rainbow (Inoxia 2 LP + DVD Limited version)

CD Front

Disc 1
3.Starship Narrator
4.My Rain
6.You laughed like a water mark
7.Fuzzy reactor
8.Sweet No. 1
9.... and, I want
Disc 2
1.I looked up at the wind sweeping clouds away
2.Embracing the fog

Special Box 2LP+DVD (Limited 500)

Photo book: 60pages in full color + photo book bound in deluxe cloth + special made cover.
Rainbow LP: Clear LP only made for the special box set.
Bonus LP: Clear LP including unreleased 2 songs.
Rainbow DVD: Unreleased video clip of "Rainbow"(track on Japanese version)
Special made plastic case for the box set.

Designed by Fangsanalsatan

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Pedal RecordsPDL-0601JapanCD2006
InoxiaIXLP-00072LP + DVD2007Limited 500
Drag CityDC338USCD2007
Drag CityUSLP2007

Smile (Diwphalanx CD version)


1.Messeeji ( "Statement")7:06
3.Hanate! ( "Shoot!" ("Laser Beam" on English version))5:02
4.Hana, Taiyou, Ame ( "Flower, Sun, Rain"; cover of the song by Pyg) *5:35
5.Tonari No Sataan ( "My Neighbor Satan") *5:20
6.Kare Hateta Saki ( "Dead Destination" ("Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki – No Ones Grieve" on English version))7:26
7.Kimi wa Kasa o Sashiteita ( "You Were Holding an Umbrella") *9:19
8.Untitled (Bonus Track, "You Were Holding an Umbrella Part 2") #19:20

Smile (Southern Lord 2 x LP version)

LP 1
LP 2
LP 3

LP 1
A3.Laser Beam3:46
A4.Vein (Bonus track) Song / Boris2:33
B1.My Neighbor Satan (Different Mix from SL CD ver) *5:22
B2.KA RE HA TE TA SA KI -No Ones Grieve-8:58
LP 2
C1.Flower Sun Rain (No cut, Longer than SL CD ver) *7:50
C2.You were Holding an Umbrella *8:54
C3.After Me (Bonus Track; was the end of the song "Shoot!" from the Japanese version)1:59
D4.Untitled (Different Mix, No cut, Longer than SL CD ver) #19:17

The deluxe 180 gram orange vinyl version of the new Boris album: "Smile" is now available to order! As per usual no expense was spared for the vinyl documentation of this recording.

There are exclusive lp only tracks as well as extended versions and different mixes than on the Southern Lord Smile Cd version and the Smile Japanese cd and lp released by Daymare.

The Smile graphics and design via Stephen O' Malley that adorn the cd version have a larger canvas to radiate from. The front and back cover are reflective silver "mirror" stock. Both lps are housed in printed inner-sleeves that contain photos, lyrics and artwork by Boris familia.

Mailorder customers receive 180 gram orange vinyl (1,000 pressed of this color) and a 18" x 24" Smile poster. $17 each

Smile (Southern Lord CD version)

LP 1

1.Flower, Sun, Rain (cover of the song by Pyg, "Hana, Taiyou, Ame" on Japanese version) *7:26
3.Laser Beam ("Hanate!" on Japanese version) 4:29
4.Statement (different mix; "Messeeji on Japanese version)3:24
5.My Neighbor Satan ("Tonari no Sataan on Japanese version) *5:17
6.Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki – No Ones Grieve ("Kare Hateta Saki" on Japanese version)8:58
7.You Were Holding an Umbrella ("Kimi wa Kasa o Sashiteita" on Japanese version) *8:54
8.Untitled #15:28

The wait is over! With this brand new studio album from Boris' the group plays deeply intense blistering psychedelia with mammoth hooks and truly innovative song-writing. Smile is a reinvention of dark heaviness. Smile presents a new sound from Boris which represents everything that is RIGHT NOW.

Boris hope "this is going to be a new experience for everyone beyond music 'Features collaborations with special guests: Stephen O' Malley (sunn0))), KTL), and Michio Kurihara (Ghost, White Heaven, The Stars). The Southern Lord version is drastically different than the version of Smile released by Daymare records in Japan. The main difference between the Southern Lord version and the Daymare version is the mix of the actual songs themselves. Where the songs on the Japanese version have a more electronic or noisy-psychedelic vibe, the North American/European version here features a heavier more straight-forward rock aesthetic. Its truly remarkable how the band consciously have set out (and achieved) to make two completely different sounding versions of the same album. It is a testament to their continual, endless well-spring of creativity! The Southern Lord version also features a track that has never been heard by anyone! : "You Were Holding an Umbrella". We purposely left this song off any promo versions in order to prevent the entire album from being leaked online.

Time to turn that frown upside down... (ok well maybe just for a little while! hahahahahah) $12

Takeshiguitar, bass guitar, vocals
Wataguitar, vocals
Atsuodrums, percussion, vocals
Michio Kuriharaguitar*
Stephen O'Malleyguitar#

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
DiwphalanxJapanCD2008Japanese version
Southern LordUS2 x LP2008World Wide version
Southern LordUSCD2008World Wide version

Smile - Live at Wolf Creek


1.Flower Sun Rain
3.Laser Beam
6.Floor Shaker
8.My Neighbor Satan
9.Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki - No Ones Grieve -
10.You Were Holding An Umbrella

** WORLD EXCLUSIVE, no international release, vinyl version or digital distribution planned as of now

Full documentary live album recorded at Wolf Creek during much successful 6 weeks US tour in 2008. For entire Smile world tour BORIS has recruited legendary guitar player Michio Kurihara as the most reliable additional member. They played 70+ shows in 4 months and all songs that they played during the tour kept growing and got sounded totally different from original studio album with more persuasiveness.

"Smile" is being released in two different versions (Japanese version produced by You Ishihara, international version produced by the band) thus listeners has got confused with it (maybe), and another "Smile" album is coming…

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Daymare Recordings / Diwphalanx RecordsDYMC-173Japan2 x CD2008

Cloud Chamber


1.Cloud Chamber Part 1
2.Cloud Chamber Part 2

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Pedal RecordsPDL-0801JapanCD2008

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