Michio Kurihara Discography

If you have 'come upon this place by lost ways' and don't know who Michio Kurihara is, take a look at the interview originally published in Ptolemaic Terrascope #31 Winter 2001/2.

There's a Spring 2019 interview online at The Guitarist Speaks, An interview with White Heaven's Michio Kurihara, on the occasion of the Black Editions Group vinyl re-issue of White Heaven's 'Out' album.

If you like the more melodic side of Kurihara's work, especially Há-Zá-Má, then you may also find the early Quicksilver Messenger Services albums featuring John Cipollina of interest. For information about John Cipollina, see my John Cipollina Discography.

These pages are based on Rob Lim's Discography (now available online at The Janitor from Mars at WFMU.) as printed in Ptolemaic Terrascope #31, the Discography on the "Song to the Siren" CD, and the Discography on Takeya Sekiguchi's Electric Cool Acid site, with additional details from my own collection.

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Chamomile PoolPedal Records, PDL-0701, CD, 2007
The Chamomile Pool Show DVDArchive Recordings, archiveDVD7, DVD, 2008
RainbowJan - Jul 2006Pedal Records, PDL-0601, CD, 2006
Drag City, CD/LP, 2007
Inoxia, 2LP+DVD/LP, 2007
SmileDiwphalanx, CD, 2008
Southern Lord, 2 x LP, 2008
Southern Lord, CD, 2008
Smile - Live at Wolf CreekDaymare / Diwphalanx, 2 x CD, 2008
Cloud ChamberPedal Records, PDL-0801, CD, 2008
Help Your Satori Mind The Now Sound, TNS 13, CD, 1997
It's All Over Now Baby Blue b/w Yoo Doo Right1998Grimsey Records, Grimsey011, 7", 1999
Damon & Naomi with Ghost1999/2000Sub Pop Records, US, SPCD 501, CD, 2000
Song to the Siren Sub Pop Records, US, SPCD 592, CD+DVD, 2002
The Earth Is Blue 20/20/20, CD, 2005
Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2005 DVD, 2005, Limited
Within These Walls 20/20/20, CD, 2007
White Christmas CD-R Single, 2008, Limited
Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan, 2008 DVD, 2008, Limited
1001 Nights Factory 25, FTF-002, US, DVD, 2009
Factory 25, FTF-002, US, DVD+LP Limited, 2009
Factory 25, FTF-002, US, Digital, 2009
False Beats and True Hearts 20|20|20, 202020.12, US, CD, 2011
20|20|20, 202020.12LP, US, LP, 2011
Spirit of Love (B-sides, bonuses, and soundtracks) Bandcamp, , US, Download, 12/16
Everything Quieter Than Everything Else (Live in Japan) Disk Union, , Japan, CD, 20/9/17
Bandcamp, , US, Download, 20/9/17
In the 21st Century Bandcamp, , US, Digital, February 14, 2019
DAMON & NAOMI with Kurihara
A Sky Record Bandcamp, , US, Digital, August 6, 2021
A Sky Record Companion Book
Ensemble Pearl Drag City, DC544CD, US, CD, 2013
Drag City, DC544, US, LP, 2013
Daymare, DYMC185, Japan, 2 x CD, 2013
(MK on 1 track)
 PSF, PSFD-9, 1990, CD
Drag City, DC127, LP/CD, 1997
Drag City, ?, CD, 2005
Temple Stone
(MK on 1 track)
 PSF, PSFD-37, 1994, CD
Drag City, DC129, LP/CD, 1997
Moungod Air Cave b/w Guru in the Echo1994The Now Sound, TNS 05, US, 7", 1995
Lama Rabi Rabi Drag City, DC113, 2xLP/CD, 1996
Snuffbox Immanence Drag City, DC148, US, 2 x LP, 1999
Drag City, US, CD, 1999
Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet Drag City, DC165, US, 2 x LP, 1999
Drag City, US, CD, 1999
Hypnotic Underworld P-Vine Records, PCD-24147, Japan, CD, 2004
Drag City, DC249, US, 2 x LP, 2004
Drag City, DC249, US, CD, 2004
Metamorphosis: Ghost Chronicles 1984-2004 Drag City, DC279, US, DVD + CD, 2005
In Stormy Nights P-Vine Records, PCD-?????, Japan, CD, 2007
Drag City, DC313, US, 2 x LP, 2007
Drag City, DC313, US, CD, 2007
Overture: Live In Nippon Yusen Soko - 9 October 2006 Drag City, DC330, US, DVD + CD, 2007
há-zá-má Cassette, 1994
II Cassette
há-zá-máOct 1988 - Dec 1993Captain Trip, Japan, CD, 1995
Once Upon A TimeMay 1996 - Feb 1999Captain Trip, Japan, CD, 1999
1991.6.15 MC, 1991
Passivité1980, 1996 - 1997Creativeman Disc, CMDD-00035, CD, 1997
formula2020 zelone records, zel-022, CD, 2020
formula (Deluxe Edition)2020CDBaby, Digital, 2020
Sunset NotesNov 2004 - Jan 2005Pedal Records, PDL-9502, CD, 2005
20/20/20, 202020.04, CD, 2007
Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2020
Go Grace Go b/w Lord of Nothing Pt. 1 H.G. Fact HG-002, 7", 1992
Old From New Heads1987Captain Trip, CTCD-002, Japan, CD, 1993
Eros Onna No Sekai1983Bloody Butterfly, ZIKSBB-026, CD, 2001
OnnaHoly Mountain, 7763, CD, 2001; Tlon Uqbar, TUQ1002, CD, 2009
(guest member)
Otherside Of
(MK on 3 tracks)
1995-1999Pataphysique, DD-008/009/EP1, 2CD + 7", 2000
Deki  CD, 1991
Today (EP)2000P.S.F. Records, PSFD-1001, CD, 2001
Will2004Pedal Records, PDL-0402, CD, 2004
Perfect Place To Hideaway2005Pedal Records, PDL-0503, LP, 2005
Perfect Place To Hideaway2005Pedal Records, PDL-0504, CD, 2005
Live in Kyoto 20062006Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2021
Will (2024 Remaster)2004Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2024
Perfect Place To Hideaway (2024 Remaster)2005Pedal Records, PDL-0504, Digital, 2024
Electric Cool Acid (Yaneura, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, December 15, 1987)1987, 1988MC, 1988
Noon Disk, NOON CD-9502, CD, 1995
Electric Cool Acid (2022 Remaster) (Yaneura, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, December 15, 1987)1987, 1989Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2022
Levitation1988The Now Sound, TNS 09, LP, 1997
Farside, 03, LP, 2006
Farside/F-Minor, CD, 2007
Levitation (2021 Remaster)1988Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2021
Out1989, 1990MC, 1989
P.S.F. Records, PSF-11, LP, 1991
PSF, PSFD-11, CD, 1995
Black Editions Group, BE/005-11, LP, 2020
Threshold of the Pain b/w 4 Hours (in the Afternoon)1994H. G. Fact., HG-014, 7", 1994
Next To Nothing1994Noon Disk, NOON CD-9401, CD, 1994
Noon Disk, NOON LP-9601, LP, 1996
Live in Tokyo 19961996Pedal Records (Bandcamp), Digital, 2022
Greatest Hits Volume 2
(MK on 1 track)
1984SSE, CD, 1994
Deijchu-Ling: Songs from Higurashi Woods Fractured Sister's Secrets, FSS-01, CD, 2000
Heaven 2000Fractured Sister's Secrets, FSS-05/06, 2CD, 2001
(guest member)
Yura Yura Teikoku De Kangae Chuu (EP) Midi, MDCS-1046, CD, 2000
Rame no Pantaron etc. (EP) Midi, MDCS-1050, CD, 2001
Yura Yura Teikoku 3 Midi, MDCL-1405, CD, 2001
Yura Yura Teikoku 3 (1) Midi, CXLP-1037, LP, 2001
Yura Yura Teikoku 3 (2) Midi, CXLP-1038, LP, 2001

Audible Rumbles, Volume 1:
  White Heaven - Gravity (Live, Brussels, 1995)
1995Ptolemaic Terrascope, 1996, CD
Dead Tech II Dossier:   
Etcetera Volume 3 Part 1:   
Etcetera Volume 3 Part 2:   
Get Yer Pots Out:
  Damon & Naomi with Kurihara - Eye of the Storm
 Ptolemaic Terrascope, POT 31, CD, Winter 2001/2002, with issue #31
Red Zone Disk:   
Tokyo Flashback:
  White Heaven - Blind Promise (Alternate Take)
 P.S.F. Records, PSFD-12, CD, 1991
Tokyo Flashback 3:
  White Heaven - Midsummer Stroll
 P.S.F. Records, PSFD-34, CD, 1993
Tokyo Flashback 5:
  White Heaven - Mandrax Town (Live)
 P.S.F. Records, PSFD-159, CD, 2005

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