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Second Time Around

With Kurihara:

Temple Stone
Lama Rabi Rabi
Snuffbox Immanence
Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
Moungod Air Cave b/w Guru in the Echo (Single)
Hypnotic Underworld
Metamorphosis: Ghost Chronicles 1984-2004
In Stormy Nights
Overture: Live In Nippon Yusen Soko - 9 October 2006



Drag City


1.Sun Is Tangging
2.Guru in the Echo
3.Moungod Te Deum
4.I've Been Flying *
5.Ballad of Summer Rounder
6.Moungod Asleep
7.Moungod Radiant Youth

Masaki Batoh Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo
Michio Kurihara Guitar (Electric) *
Kazuo Ogino Recorder
Taishi Takizawa Saxophone, Guitar (Acoustic), Flute
Akane Wind
Naohiro Yoshimoto Bass
Producer: Ghost
Engineer: Takeshi Yoshida
Photography: Kazuo Ogino, Iwao Yamazaki

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
P.S.F. RecordsPSFD-9JapanCD1990
Drag City DC127 USCD1997
Drag City DC127 USLP1997
Drag City USCD2005

Second Time Around

1. People Get Freedom
2. Second Time Around
3. Forthcoming from the Inside
4. Higher Order
5. Awake in a Muddle
6. Day of the Stoned Sky in the Union Zoo
7. First Drop of the Sea
8. Under the Sun
9. Orange Sunshine
10.Mind Hill

Masaki Batoh Vocals, Multi Instruments
Kazuo Ogino Recorder, Multi Instruments
Taishi Takizawa Multi Instruments
Iwao Yamazaki Multi Instruments
Producer: Ghost
Engineer: Takeshi Yoshida
Photography: Jun Takagi

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes

Temple Stone

1. Moungod Radiant Youth
2. Guru in the Echo
3. Under the Sun
4. Moungod Asleep
5. Freedom
6. Rakshu
7. Blood Red River
8. Orange Sunshine
9. Giver's Chant *
10.Sun Is Tangging

Masaki Batoh Vocals, Guitar (12 String), Hurdygurdy
Michio Kurihara Guitar *
Kazuo Ogino Harp, Recorder, Tibetan Horn, Organ, Piano
Taishi Takizawa Cello, Saxophone, Harmony, Flute, Percussion
Junichi YamamotoHarmony, Bamboo Flute, Bass, Percussion
Iwao Yamazaki Drums
Setsuko Furuya Percussion
Taku Sugimoto Cello
Arranger, Director, Producer: Ghost
Photography: Yumiko Yada

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
P.S.F. RecordsPSFD-37JapanCD1994
Drag City DC129 USCD1997
Drag City DC129 USLP1997

Lama Rabi Rabi

1. Masttillah
2. Rabirabi
3. Into the Alley
4. Marrakech
5. Who Found a Lost Rose in the Warship?
6. Mex Square Blue
7. My Hump Is a Shell
8. Bad Bone
9. Abyssinia
10.Agate Scape
11.Summer's Ashen Fable

Masaki Batoh ?
Michio Kurihara ?
Fuji Megu ?
Kazuo Ogino ?
Hiroshi Sakamoto ?
Junichi Yamamoto ?
Iwao Yamazaki ?
Hiromichi Sakamoto?

Producer: Taishi Takizawa
Engineers: Masaki Batoh, Kohei Amano
Artwork, Art Direction: Junko Kawakami, Yumiko Yada

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Drag City DC113 USCD1996
Drag City DC113 US2xLP1996

Snuffbox Immanence

1. Regenesis
2. Live With Me (Jagger/Richard)
3. Soma
4. Daggma
5. Snuffbox Immanence
6. Obiit 1961
7. Tempera Tune
8. Fukeiga
9. Sad Shakers

Masaki Batoh Vocals, Guitar (12 String Acoustic), Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo
Michio Kurihara Guitar (Electric)
Kazuo Ogino Harpsichord, Lute, Piano (Electric), Recorder, Celtic Harp, Kaval,
Gaita, Portative Organ, Synthesizer, Piano
Setsuko Furuya Glockenspiel, Marimba, Vibraphone, Tubular Bells
Sawa Ishizuka Trumpet

Producers: Ghost, Taishi Takizawa
Engineer: Kohei Amano
Art Direction: Junko Kawakami, Yumiko Yada
Photography: Mitsushiro Hiruma

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Drag City DC148 USCD1999
Drag City DC148 US2xLP1999

Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet

1. We Insist
2. Comin' Home
3. Way to Shelkar
4. Images of April (Tom Rapp)
5. Lhasalhasa
6. Remember
7. Change the World
8. Tune in, Turn on, Free Tibet

Masaki Batoh Drums, Vocals, Hurdygurdy, Guitar (Acoustic)
Michio Kurihara Guitar (Electric)
Kazuo Ogino Tamboura, Engineer, Kaval, Analogue Synthesizer, Piano
Setsuko Furuya Vocals (Background), Tympani (Timpani), Bass Drum
Sawa Ishizuka Vocals
Hiromichi Sakamoto Cello, Electric Cello

Art Direction: Yumiko Yada, Dan Osborn
Engineers: Kohei Amano, Kazuo Ogino
Translation: Haruna Ito

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Drag City DC165 USCD1999
Drag City DC165 US2xLP1999

Moungod Air Cave b/w Guru in the Echo (Single)

A. Moungod Air Cave
B. Guru in the Echo*

Michio Kurihara Guitar *

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
The Now SoundTNS 05US7"1995

Hypnotic Underworld

CD Front

1Hypnotic Underworld:
Part 1: God Took a Picture of His Illness on this Ground
Part 2: Escaped and Lost Down in Medina
Part 3: Aramaic Barbarous Dawn
Part 4: Leave the World!
2Hazy Paradise("Earth, Wind & Fire")
3Kiseichukan Nite
7Holy High
8Dominoes - Celebration for the Gray Days(Syd Barrett)

Masaki BatohVocal, Acoustic Guitar, Hurdy Gurdy, Banjo, etc.
Kazuo OginoPiano, Oscilator, Recorder, Lute, etc.
Michio KuriharaElectric Guitar
Junzo TateiwaTabla, Percussions, Drums
Takuyuki MoriyaElectric Bass, Contra Bass
Taishi Takizawa (aka Giant)Theremin, Flute Saxophone

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
P-Vine RecordsPCD-24147JapanCD2004
Drag CityDC249US2 x LP2004
Drag CityDC249USCD2004

Metamorphosis: Ghost Chronicles 1984-2004

DVD Front

Unreleased Ghost Tracks from the 1980s
1988Studio 1.Improvisation 4:34
1989Home 2.Improvisation/Voices2:08
1989Live 3.Hakkyou Dojin 6:33
1987Live 4.Improvisation 4:02
1988Live 5.Yonokuninominae 1:52
1988Live 6.Improvisation 6:53
AOn The Road
BIn The Metro
1988Live 7.Children of the Earth32:27
1987Outtake8.Cow's Green Cosmic 0:53
1988Outtake9.Blood Red River 4:04
Ghost Chronicles 1984-2004
1984Tokyo 1.We Insist/Comin' Home
1992Tokyo 2.Spirits and Energies
1995Tokyo 3.Zama
1988Tokyo 4.Marvelous Screamer
1988Tokyo 5.Hakkyou Dojin
1993Tokyo 6.Nagaki Kage Wo Hikumono
7.Choutou No Otoko
8.Tempera Tune
10.Moungod Asleep
1993Tokyo 11.Moungod Radiant Youth
1995Tokyo 12.Masttillab
15.Mex Square Blue
2002Tokyo 17.Daggma
18.Who Found a Lost Rose in the Worship?
2002Boston 19.Change The World
20.Way To Shelter
2004Tokyo 22.Vertigo
23.Lemon No Iro Cannabis
24.Guru In The Echo
26.Sun Is Tangging
28.Orange Sunshine
29.Forthcoming from the Inside
1994Tokyo 30.Snow Fakir / End Credits
1988Tokyo 1.Performance
1989 2.Buto Session

Masaki Batoh agitation, vocal, gongs, guitar, perc., giri giri pee, rinn, hurdy gurdy, 12-string acoustic guitar, banjo, guitars, percussion
Taishi Takizawa Theremin, Flute Saxophone
Kazuo Ogino Piano, Oscilator, Recorder, Lute, etc.
Junichi YamamotoTabla, Percussions, Drums
Michio Kurihara guitar
Iwao Yamazaki drums
Koji Nishino bass
Koya Ito drums
Hiroyuki Usui drums, perc.
Chiriko voice
Kozue Ueda voice
Daisuke Nagayumaviolin
Taku Sugimoto cello
Megu vocal, perc.
Koji Fujii perc. and others
Junzo Tateiwa drums
Takuyuki Moriya bass
Yuko Fukui ocarina

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Drag CityDC279USDVD + CD2005

In Stormy Nights

CD Front

Tracks (CD)
1.Motherly Bluster
2.Hemicyclic Anthelion
3.Gareki No Toshi
4.Water Door Yellow Gate

Tracks (LP)
1.Hemicyclic Anthelion
2.Water Door Yellow Gate
3.Gareki No Toshi
4.Motherly Bluster
7.Caledonia (Sing Together Mix)

Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
P-Vine RecordsPCD-?????JapanCD2007
Drag CityDC313US2 x LP2007
Drag CityDC313USCD2007

Overture: Live In Nippon Yusen Soko - 9 October 2006

CD Front


At sunset on the night of October 9th, 2006, a crowd gathered at Nippon Yusen Soko, a converted warehouse space located on Yokahama Bay. Their purpose: to see and hear new music played by Ghost. Once they had completely arrived, the doors were shut and locked and the announcement made: no one would enter or exit the space until the performance was complete. Starting in complete darkness, the performance was spun, like yarn from a cocoon.
The set for this evening was not just new to the audience. For this event, Ghost played entirely improvised material. Improvisation is the wellspring of creation for Ghost, both live and in the studio, though they've never made an entire album of improvisations until now. In order to not miss a single inspiration, Ghost brought their orchestra's-worth of instrumentation, playing bass, drums, piano, electric and acoustic guitars, saxophones, flute, tin-whistle, bells, frame drums, lute, tabla-baya, waterphone and even tapes!
The performance space was chosen for its sonic qualities such as natural reverb as well as its resemblance to Potala Palace in Lhasa ^ an ancient meditation retreat. Band members were spaced apart to prevent eye contact and allow distance for the reverberations to unfold between them ^ which in turn, were recorded by four microphones spaced distantly from the band and faced toward the walls, in order to catch the sound in the room with the audience present as well as the echo of that sound.
The CD performance is an edited version of the evening's events ^ but the DVD is a completely live, four-camera view into the collective journey of Ghost and their audience. In addition to the sounds and sights of the band in action, the viewer will also experience the atmospheres created by Overheads, whose far-ranging light works (and subtle placement of a lace curtain) enhanced the mood within Nippor Usen Soko that night.
Ghost's music has always been projected into the universe and eternity ^ and with Overture, it has been captured, in distinct aural and visual versions for our immortal witness.
Selling Points
- Overture is a two-disc (CD and DVD) package featuring all-new music from Japan's Ghost.
- Following their new studio album In Stormy Nights earlier in 2007, Overture brings Ghost's living spirit of improvisation to this multimedia release.
- Overture is the third Ghost live document ^ Temple Stone LP/CD (now OOP) and the CD/DVD Metamorphosis. Ghost live is something Ghost in the studio can never be.
- We invite you to compare and contrast the crafty edited CD version from Ghost's. longtime producer Taihi Takizawa with the utterly live DVD version. Both are the same performance!
- The live sound of Ghost is a singular craft. Ghost have only played a single tour in Europe and won't return to America until the people change their course, but Overture provides at-home sounds and visions until that time.
- Overture is unique entertainment that we will rally support for in the pages of international publications and entertainment centers.
- Overture will be sent to all concerned retailers ^ state your concern!


Release History
LabelCat NoCountryFormatDateNotes
Drag CityDC330USDVD + CD2007

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