November 2005

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Editor(s):  Simon Morden
Price:      L1.75p
Pages:      20, A4
Cover:      Pod Productions
Notes:      #48, ISSN 0144-560X

    Pedantry                            Simon Morden

    Beginning the gift with the word    Steve Sneyd
    When the Time Comes                 Alessio Zanelli
    A purpose come to being             Steve Sneyd

    Fractal Futures: the background to 
          the Destiny's Children series Stephen Baxter
    Orbiters: the Next Generation?      Terry Jackman
    Politics and Science Fiction        Ken MacLeod
    The Whittington Wassail, or: The 
          importance of finding the sub-
          text                          Gail-Nina Anderson
    The Write Fantastic: What's the Big 
          Idea?                         Write Fantastic
    Submitting Short Fiction            Jetse de Vries

    Rabid! Literature                   Neal Asher

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