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John Barth

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Books Reviewed
    Giles Goat-Boy                      
        Vector, Nov 1967 by Bob Parkinson
    Giles Goat-Boy                      
        Vector, Spr 1969 by Tony Sudbery

Tim Barton

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Book Reviews
    Deadhead                            Shaun Hutson
        Vector, Aug 1994
    White Ghost                         Shaun Hutson
        Vector, Aug 1994

William Barton

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Books Reviewed
    Alpha Centauri                      with Michael Capobianco
        Vector, Nov 1997 by Andrew M. Butler
    Iris                                with Michael Capobianco
        Vector, Mar 2000 by Scott T. Merrifield
    White Light                         with Michael Capobianco
        Vector, Jan 1999 by John D. Owen

R. I. Barycz

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    The Four Ages of Excuses for not Writing
        Focus, Feb 1985
        Focus, Feb 1985

        Matrix, Aug 1976
        Matrix, Mar 1976
        Matrix, Apr 1978
        Vector, Feb 1984
    Blish/Le Guin/ghettos
        Vector, Mar 1976

Richard Barycz

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        Vector, Sep 2001

Book Reviews
    Outlaw of Gor                       John Norman
        Vector, Sum 1970
    The Purple Cloud                    M. P. Shiel
        Vector, Sum 1969
    The Anvil of Time                   Robert Silverberg
        Vector, Aut 1969
    Report from Iron Mountain on the 
          Possibility and Desirability 
          of Peace                      uncredited
        Vector, Oct 1968

Ian Bass

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Books Reviewed
    The Vesuvius Club Graphic Edition   with Mark Gatiss
        Vector, Jan 2006 by Martin McGrath

T. J. Bass

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Books Reviewed
    The Godwhale                        
        Vector, Aut 1975 by James Corley

Mark Bassett

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    The Competition: BSFA Spelling Bee  with Steve Knight
        Matrix, Dec 1979

Don Bassingthwaite

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Books Reviewed
    The World of Darkness: Such Pain    
        Vector, Sep 1996 by John D. Owen

Colin Bateman

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        Matrix, Apr 1977
        Matrix, Jun 1977
        Matrix, Feb 1978
        Vector, Mar 1977
        Vector Review Supplement, Jun 1977

Paul Bateman

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    2009 Vector Reviewers' Poll
        Vector, Spr 2009
    2010 Vector Reviewers' Poll
        Vector, Win 2010
    The Best Books of 2006
        Vector, Mar 2007
    The Best Books of 2007
        Vector, Spr 2008
    Books of the Year - 2003
        Vector, Mar 2004
    Books of the Year: 2004
        Vector, Mar 2005
    Nonfiction of 2004
        Vector, Mar 2005

Book Reviews
    The Salmon of Doubt                 Douglas Adams
        Vector, Jan 2003
    Abarat                              Clive Barker
        Vector, Mar 2003
    Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of 
          War                           Clive Barker
        Vector, Mar 2005
    Fallen Angel                        Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
        Vector, Mar 2005
    Doctor Who: Fallen Gods             Jonathan Blum and 
                                        Kate Orman
        Vector, Jan 2004
    Powersat                            Ben Bova
        Vector, Jul 2005
    Tales of Ten Worlds                 Arthur C. Clarke
        Vector, May 2004
    The Wind from the Sun               Arthur C. Clarke
        Vector, May 2004
    The Wild Wood                       Charles de Lint
        Vector, Nov 2004
    Robophobia                          Richard Evans
        Vector, May 2005
    Kindling                            Mick Farren
        Vector, May 2005
    Faces of Mist and Flame             Jon George
        Vector, Jul 2004
    Against Gravity                     Gary Gibson
        Vector, Nov 2005
    Grave Sight                         Charlaine Harris
        Vector, Mar 2007
    Heart-Shaped Box                    Joe Hill
        Vector, Jul 2007
    The Dark Path                       Walter H. Hunt
        Vector, May 2003
    The Facts of Life                   Graham Joyce
        Vector, Mar 2003
    Tritcheon Hash                      Sue Lange
        Vector, Mar 2004
    The Host                            Stephanie Meyer
        Vector, Aut 2008
    The Prefect                         Alastair Reynolds
        Vector, Jul 2007
    Gradisil                            Adam Roberts
        Vector, Jul 2006
    Keeping It Real                     Justina Robson
        Vector, Sep 2006
    The Rosetta Codex                   Richard Paul Russo
        Vector, Mar 2006
    Elemental: The Tsunami Relief 
          Anthology (Ed)                Steven Savile and 
                                        Alethea Kontis
        Vector, May 2006
    Sun of suns                         Karl Schroeder
        Vector, Nov 2006
    Thraxas at War                      Martin Scott
        Vector, Sep 2003
    The Last House in the Galaxy        Andy Secombe
        Vector, Sep 2005
    Limbo                               Andy Secombe
        Vector, Jul 2003
    The Masks of Time                   Robert Silverberg
        Vector, Nov 2002
    Son of Man                          Robert Silverberg
        Vector, Win 2008
    Doomsday Men                        P. D. Smith
        Vector, Spr 2008
    Underground                         Craig Spector
        Vector, Sep 2005
    Darker Than You Think               Jack Williamson
        Vector, Nov 2003

Robert Bateman

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Books Reviewed
    When the Whites Went                
        Vector, Jul 1964 by Beryl Henley

Liz Batty

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    ... a million Clutes screaming 'Haecceity!'...  with Farah Mendlesohn and Paul Kincaid and Edward James and Adam Roberts and Tony Keen and Graham Sleight and Martin McGrath and Andrew M. Butler and Colin Harris and Jonathan McCalmont and Ian Snell and Paul Raven and Martin Lewis
        Vector, Jan 2007
    The Best Books of 2007
        Vector, Spr 2008

     with Anna Feruglio Dal Dan and Niall Harrison and Kari Sperring
        Vector, Win 2008
        Vector, Spr 2009
        Vector, Sum 2009
     with Niall Harrison and Kari Sperring
        Vector, Sum 2008
     with Niall Harrison and Paul Billinger
        Vector, Jul 2007
        Vector, Mar 2007
        Vector, Nov 2007
        Vector, Spr 2008

Book Reviews
    Bright of the Sky                   Kay Kenyon
        Vector, Nov 2007

Gael Baudino

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Books Reviewed
    Dragon Sword                        
        Paperback Inferno, Oct 1990 by Benedict S. Cullum
    Strands of Starlight                
        Vector, Feb 1991 by Martin Brice
    Strands of Sunlight                 
        Paperback Inferno, Apr 1991 by John D. Owen

Steven Bauer

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Books Reviewed
        Paperback Inferno, Feb 1983 by Nick Lowe
    Stephen Spielberg's Amazing Stories 
        Paperback Inferno, Oct 1987 by Andy Sawyer
    Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories 
          Volume 2 (Ed)                 
        Paperback Inferno, Feb 1988 by Andy Sawyer

Martin Bax

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Books Reviewed
    The Hospital Ship                   
        Paperback Parlour, Feb 1978 by Phil Stephensen-Payne

Elizabeth Baxter

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    The Dragon Maker
        Focus, May 2002

John Baxter

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Books Reviewed
    The Hermes Fall                     
        Paperback Parlour, Oct 1978 by Phil Stephensen-Payne

Paul Baxter

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    Time and Again and Again ...
        Vector, Dec 1980

        Focus, Aut 1983
        Vector, Aug 1981

Stephen Baxter

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    Adventures in the 21st Century: The Future History of TV21
        Vector, Jul 2002
        Vector, Jan 1998
    Compass Points 3: _Stranger Suns_ by George Zebrowski
        Vector, Oct 1992
    Cross-Reference and Context: Future Histories in SF
        Vector, Jun 1994
    Crystal Balls 2005
        Matrix, Jan 2005
    Exotic Luna: Alien Moons in Science Fiction
        Vector, Jul 1998
    Father to the Man
        Matrix, Mar 2001
    Forum: Building New Worlds
        Focus, Dec 1993
    Forum: Gadget Stories
        Focus, May 1998
    Forum: The Tough Work of Research
        Focus, Aug 1995
    Forum: Thinking Out of the Box
        Focus, Dec 1994
    Fractal Futures: the background to the Destiny's Children series
        Focus, Nov 2005
    Freedom in An Owned World: Warhammer Fiction and the Interzone Generation
        Vector, May 2003
    Genetic Politics: Hive Minds in Science & Science Fiction
        Vector, May 2004
    H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds as a Controlling Metaphor for the Twentieth Century
        Vector, Win 2008
    Lighting the Future: The Future History of Wells's The Time Machine
        Vector, Nov 1994
    Memories of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
        Vector, Sum 2008
    To Travel Hopefully: The Science Fiction of Nevil Shute
        Vector, Jan 2007
    Upon the Rack in Print (Far Point 4 May/June 1992)
        Paperback Inferno, Jun 1992
    Wild Extravagant Theories: The Science of "The Time Machine"
        Vector, Aug 1996

    Australia, Part II
        Matrix, Jan 2000
    Evolution of the mind
        Matrix, Jul 2000
    Knight's Move
        Matrix, Sep 2000
    Limits of Humanity
        Matrix, Nov 2000
    Mars stories
        Matrix, Jan 2001
        Matrix, Jul 2001
        Matrix, May 2001
        Matrix, Sep 2001
        Matrix, Nov 2007
        Vector, Aut 2008
        Vector, Spr 2008
        Vector, Sum 2008
    Resonances (Kim Stanley Robinson's new book, The Years of Rice and Salt (HarperCollins, March 2002))
        Matrix, Jan 2002
    Resonances (September 11/Apollo 13)
        Matrix, Nov 2001
    Resonances: 'Alien' origins
        Matrix, Sep 2002
    Resonances: A faithful servant (Galileo)
        Matrix, Sep 2003
    Resonances: Across The Universe
        Matrix, Mar 2005
    Resonances: Are we really alone?
        Matrix, May 2006
    Resonances: Back from the Dead
        Matrix, May 2005
    Resonances: Churchill
        Matrix, Mar 2002
    Resonances: Clash on Titan
        Matrix, Sep 2004
    Resonances: Column #54
        Vector, Spr 2009
    Resonances: Column #55
        Vector, Sum 2009
    Resonances: Column #56
        Vector, Sum 2010
    Resonances: Column #57
        Vector, Win 2009
    Resonances: Column #58
        Vector, Win 2010
    Resonances: Column #60: Falling From Orbit
        Vector, Aut 2010
    Resonances: Death comes from above
        Matrix, Nov 2005
    Resonances: End of empire
        Matrix, Nov 2003
    Resonances: Enjoying the sun, while it lasts
        Matrix, Sep 2005
    Resonances: Evolution of intelligence, Wild Minds
        Matrix, Jul 2002
    Resonances: Faces of God
        Matrix, Jan 2005
    Resonances: History Reshaped
        Matrix, Mar 2007
    Resonances: Hitler Wins
        Vector, Win 2008
    Resonances: Journeying back through time
        Matrix, Nov 2004
    Resonances: Making an impact
        Matrix, Jan 2006
    Resonances: Mars Unlocked
        Matrix, Jan 2007
    Resonances: Martian Orders
        Matrix, May 2003
    Resonances: Objects of desire
        Matrix, Jul 2006
    Resonances: One in the Eye
        Matrix, Nov 2006
    Resonances: Personal history
        Matrix, Jan 2004
    Resonances: Pilots of our future
        Matrix, Mar 2006
    Resonances: Rocketmen
        Matrix, May 2004
    Resonances: Rover and out
        Matrix, Mar 2004
    Resonances: Superman and TV21
        Matrix, May 2002
    Resonances: The children of conflict
        Matrix, Jul 2005
    Resonances: The Earth
        Matrix, Mar 2003
    Resonances: The Greatest
        Matrix, Jul 2004
    Resonances: The Wars of the World
        Matrix, Sep 2006
    Resonances: Thriving in the hottest of climates
        Matrix, Jan 2003
    Resonances: Toasting the Invaders
        Matrix, Jul 2007
    Resonances: Turning back the clock
        Matrix, Jul 2003
    Resonances: When unicorns walked the earth
        Matrix, Nov 2002
        Matrix, May 2000
    Science and the media
        Matrix, Mar 2000

Film & Media Reviews
    Apollo 13
        Vector, Sum 1995

    That Cosmological Feeling: An 
          Interview with Stephen Baxter 
        Vector, Win 2011 by Anonymous

    Out in July ...                     Keith Brooke
        Vector, Aug 1991
    Convenient Biological Delusions     Ian Watson
        Vector, Sep 2003

    Time Ships;polls
        Vector, Nov 1998
        Matrix, Jul 2002

Books Reviewed
        Vector, Oct 1993 by K. V. Bailey
        Vector, Nov 2003 by Gary S. Dalkin
        Vector, Nov 2007 by Tony Keen
    Deep Future                         
        Vector, May 2001 by Stuart Carter
        Vector, Nov 2006 by Tony Keen
        Vector, Mar 2003 by Claire Brialey
        Vector, Mar 2005 by Gary S. Dalkin
        Vector, Aut 2008 by Edward James
        Vector, Feb 1994 by Mark Plummer
    Futures (Ed)                        with Peter F. Hamilton
                                        and  Paul McAuley
                                        and  Ian McDonald
                                        and  Peter Crowther
        Vector, Sep 2001 by Gary S. Dalkin
    The H-Bomb Girl                     
        Vector, Nov 2007 by Elizabeth Billinger
    The Light of Other Days             with Arthur C. Clarke
        Vector, May 2000 by Paul Kincaid
        Vector, May 1999 by John Newsinger
    Mayflower II                        
        Vector, Jan 2005 by Stuart Carter
        Vector, Nov 1999 by Chris Hill
        Vector, Spr 2008 by Tony Keen
        Vector, Jan 2002 by Chris Hill
    Phase Space - Stories from the 
          Manifold and Elsewhere        
        Vector, May 2003 by Gary S. Dalkin
        Vector, Oct 1991 by Kev McVeigh
        Vector, Oct 1992 by John D. Owen
        Vector, Nov 2006 by Gary S. Dalkin
    Riding the Rock                     
        Vector, May 2003 by Graham Andrews
        Vector, Sep 1996 by Claire Brialey
        Vector, Aug 1994 by Alan Johnson
    The Time Ships                      
        Vector, Sum 1995 by Paul Kincaid
    The Time Ships                      
        Vector, Feb 1996 by Mark Plummer
        Vector, Nov 1999 by Colin Bird
    Time's Eye                          with Arthur C. Clarke
        Vector, Jul 2005 by Claire Brialey
    Timelike Infinity                   
        Vector, Feb 1994 by Mat Coward
    Timelike Infinity                   
        Vector, Feb 1993 by Andy Mills
        Vector, Nov 1997 by Gary S. Dalkin
        Vector, Nov 1998 by uncredited
        Vector, Sep 1998 by Andrew M. Butler
        Vector, Mar 1999
        Vector, Mar 2006 by Gary S. Dalkin
    Vacuum Diagrams                     
        Vector, Jul 1997 by Andy Mills
        Vector, Jul 1997 by L. J. Hurst
    Weaver: Time's Tapestry, Book Four  
        Vector, Aut 2008 by Tony Keen
    The Web 2028                        with Ken MacLeod
                                        and  James Lovegrove
                                        and  Maggie Furey
                                        and  Pat Cadigan
                                        and  Eric Brown
        Vector, Mar 2000 by Penny Hill

Book Reviews
    Pi in the Sky                       John D. Barrow
        Vector, Dec 1992
    dreams of a Final Theory            Steven Weinberg
        Vector, Jun 1993
    The Invisible Man                   H. G. Wells
        Vector, Feb 1996

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