December 1980

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Editor(s):  Kevin Smith and Joseph Nicholas
Price:      75p
Pages:      56, A5
Cover:      Gaynor Smith
Notes:      #100, Roles: Editor, Reviews

    Towards a Critical Standard (Part 2)
                                        Kevin Smith

    100 Vectors: 26-39                  Rog Peyton
    100 Vectors: 41-42                  Ken F. Slater
    100 Vectors: 41-43                  Doreen Parker
    100 Vectors: 44                     Darroll Pardoe
    100 Vectors: 56-58                  Bob Parkinson
    100 Vectors: 59-68                  Malcolm Edwards
    100 Vectors: 84-94                  David Wingrove
    100 Vectors: 99-?                   Kevin Smith
    A Telegram for Vector               Alan Dorey
    Who's Driving the Time Machine?     Garry Kilworth
    Digging Up the Future               David Langford
    Let Us Now Re-appraise Famous Men   Andrew M. Stephenson
    Criticism                           Helen McNabb
    The Flight from the Heart of Being  John Welsh
    Time and Again and Again ...        Paul Baxter

                                        D. West

Comic Strip
    Half-Life                           Jim Barker and
                                        Chris Evans

                                        Rod L. Jones
                                        Alex Eisenstein
                                        Martin Perry
                                        William Bains
                                        David Penn
                                        Bob Parkinson

Book Reviews by Ian Watson
    White Light                         Rudy Rucker

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    White Light                         Rudy Rucker
    Threshold                           Ursula K. Le Guin

Book Reviews by Rob Hansen
    Dragonworld                         Byron Preiss and
                                        J. Michael Reaves
    Urshurak                            Jerry Nichols and
                                        B Hildebrandt

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    The Silver Sun                      Nancy Springer
    City Come a-Walkin'                 John Shirley

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    The Snow Queen                      Joan D. Vinge
    Sight of Proteus                    Charles Sheffield
    The Web Between the Worlds          Charles Sheffield

Book Reviews by Steve Higgins
    The Eye of the Lens                 Langdon Jones
    Timescape                           Gregory Benford

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Best Science Fiction Stories of the 
          Year 9 (Ed)                   Terry Carr
    Into the Slave Nebula               John Brunner
    Golem 100                           Alfred Bester
    The Science Fiction Solar System 
          (Ed)                          Isaac Asimov and
                                        Martin H. Greenberg and
                                        Charles G. Waugh
    Universe 9 (Ed)                     Terry Carr

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