Paperback Parlour

October 1978

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Editor(s):  Phil Stephensen-Payne
Price:      10p
Pages:      12, A4

Notes:      Volume 2, No 5, 11th issue

                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
    The Three Damosels                  Vera Chapman
    Lord Foul's Bane                    Stephen Donaldson
    The Illearth War                    Stephen Donaldson
    The Power That Preserves            Stephen Donaldson
    Shiny Mountain                      David Dvorkin
    Magic: Science of the Future        Joseph F. Goodavage
    Astrology: The Space Age Science    Joseph F. Goodavage
    Mudd's Angels                       J. A. Lawrence
    Star Trek Fotonovel 5: 
          Metamorphosis                 uncredited
    Star Trek Fotonovel 6: All Our 
          Yesterdays                    uncredited

Book Reviews by Deborah Hickenlooper
    Cinnabar                            Edward Bryant
    The Second Bumper Book of Ghost 
          Stories (Ed)                  Polly Parkin and
                                        James Hale

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
    The Aquarius Mission                Martin Caidin
    Perry Rhodan 37: Epidemic Center    Clark Darlton
    The Tritonian Ring                  L. Sprague de Camp
    When the Kissing Had to Stop        Constantine Fitzgibbon
    The Portals                         Edward Andrew Mann
    The World is Round                  Tony Rothman
    The Florians                        Brian Stableford
    Marune: Alastor 993                 Jack Vance
    The Philosopher's Stone             Colin Wilson

Book Reviews by Mike Scott Rohan
    The Sphinx                          Graham Masterton

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Beauty and the Beast                Chris Achilleos
    The Plague Dogs                     Richard Adams
    Low-Flying Aircraft                 J. G. Ballard
    The Hermes Fall                     John Baxter
    Welcome to Mars                     James Blish
    The Pollinators of Eden             John Boyd
    The Rakehells of Heaven             John Boyd
    New Writings in SF 30 (Ed)          Ken Bulmer
    Starlight                           Hal Clement
    Iceworld                            Hal Clement
    Beasts                              John Crowley
    Under Compulsion                    Thomas M. Disch
    The Black Moon                      Saul Dunn
    The Art of Science Fiction          Frank Kelly Freas
    Masters of Comic Book Art           P. R. Garriock
    The Conjurers                       David Gurney
    All My Sins Remembered              Joe Haldeman
    Mechanismo                          Harry Harrison
    Earthwind                           Robert Holdstock
    Beyond the Barrier                  Damon Knight
    A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else  Ursula K. Le Guin
    Yendor                              Rodney Matthews
    The High Frontier                   Gerard K. O'Neill
    Killer Mice                         Kit Reed
    Women of Wonder (Ed)                Pamela Sargent
    The Illustrated Edgar Allen Poe     Satty
    Medusa's Children                   Bob Shaw
    Earth's Other Shadow                Robert Silverberg
    The World Inside                    Robert Silverberg
    The Best of Robert Silverberg       Robert Silverberg
    Last and First Men                  Olaf Stapledon
    Last Men in London                  Olaf Stapledon
    Odd John                            Olaf Stapledon
    Starshine                           Theodore Sturgeon
    Zenya                               E. C. Tubb
    Visions Calendar 1979               uncredited
    Rogue Ship                          A. E. van Vogt
    Slan                                A. E. van Vogt
    Manas Manna                         Bob Venosa
    Andromeda 3 (Ed)                    Peter Weston
    Projections: The Gilbert Williams 
          1979 Calendar                 Gilbert Williams
    Operation Ares                      Gene Wolfe
    Doorways in the Sand                Roger Zelazny

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