July/August 2004

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Editor(s):  Tom Hunter and Claire Weaver and Martin McGrath
Price:      2.25
Pages:      28, A4

Notes:      #168

    Welcome                             Tom Hunter and
                                        Claire Weaver

    Beneath the stars: Arthur C. Clarke 
          Award Ceremony                Claire Weaver

    News                                Claire Weaver
    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Martin McGrath
    World of Science                    Roderick Gladwish
    Foundation Favourites, Number 9: The
          Enchanted Duplicator - Walt 
          Willis & Bob Shaw             Andy Sawyer
    Discovery: New on DVD (Planet of the
          Apes; Dark Star; Blake's 7; 
          The Missing)                  Martin McGrath
    Pulpitations (Gateway SF; 
          Scifantastic)                 Roderick Gladwish
    Resonances: The Greatest            Stephen Baxter
    An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond: 
          There is no alternative (Andy 
          Cox; TTA; Crimewave; Interzone
          ; The Fix)                    Martin Sketchley
    Checkpoint: Bacon flies west        Mark Plummer
    The View from the hill              Simon Morden
    BSFA Awards: Time flies             Claire Brialey
    Incoming                            Claire Weaver
    Fan zones                           Del Cotter
    Competition 168; 166 Result & 
          Solution                      John Ollis
    Rage Against... writers!            Frank Ludlow
    Crossword 168                       uncredited

    Sticky Fingers of Time review       Farah Mendlesohn
    Reply to Farah Mendlesohn           Martin McGrath
    I, Robot                            Ross Lewis
    Reply to Ross Lewis                 Tom Hunter

Film & Media Reviews
    Raising a storm (The Day After 
          Tomorrow)                     Geneva Melzack
    Showdown (Kill Bill Volume 2)       Gary Wilkinson
    Monster mash-up (Van helsing)       Martin McGrath
    Hell be back (Hellboy)              Martin McGrath
    God, end! (Godsend)                 Martin McGrath
    Happily ever after (Shrek 2)        Martin McGrath
    Unusual Punishment (The Punisher)   Martin McGrath
    Teenage kicks (Harry Potter and the 
          Prisoner of Azkaban)          Martin McGrath
    Tapes from the Crypt: Idaho 
          Transfer                      Martin McGrath
    What a day! (Went the Day Well?)    Martin McGrath
    Starship droopers (Starship Troopers
          2: Heroes of the Federation)  Martin McGrath
    'flying high (Firefly)              Martin McGrath

    Affinity rapping                    Martin Sketchley
        by Tom Hunter
    Foxes' tales                        Jon Courtenay Grimwood
        by Claire Weaver

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