Autumn 1975

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      50p
Pages:      56, A5
Cover:      Dave Rowe
Notes:      #70

    Lead-In                             Chris Fowler

    Time Travellers Among Us            Bob Shaw
    Violence in Science Fiction         Edmund Cooper
    Science Fiction's Urban Vision      Chris Hamnett

    Freeman on Fanzines                 Keith Freeman

                                        Terry Jeeves

    V69                                 Ken Bulmer
    V69                                 David V. Lewis
    V69                                 Hartley Patterson
    Blish/Shaw/Sudbery                  Tom Jones
    V69                                 Terry Jeeves
    V69                                 Sonya Porter

Film & Media Reviews
    The Celluloid Dream (The Cars That 
          Ate Paris;Rollerball)         Andrew Tidmarsh

Book Reviews by James Corley
    Nine Hundred Grandmothers           R. A. Lafferty
    The Godwhale                        T. J. Bass
    The Flying Sorcerors                David Gerrold and
                                        Larry Niven

Book Reviews by Peter Hyde
    The Host Man                        Andrew Hamilton
    City of the Chasch                  Jack Vance
    Servants of the Wankh               Jack Vance
    The Dirdir                          Jack Vance
    The Pnume                           Jack Vance

Book Reviews by Andrew Tidmarsh
    The Other Glass Teat                Harlan Ellison

Book Reviews by Chris Fowler
    The Science Fiction Book: An 
          Illustrated History           Franz Rottensteiner

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    The Ray Bradbury Companion          William F. Nolan

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