Summer 1975

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      50p
Pages:      52, A5
Cover:      Andrew Stephenson
Notes:      #69

    Lead-In                             Chris Fowler

    The Science in Science Fiction      James Blish
    Early One Oxford Morning            Brian W. Aldiss
    The Value of Bad SF                 Bob Shaw
    Science or Fiction                  Tony Sudbery

    Edwards/Blish/Tubb                  John Clute

Film & Media Reviews
    Zardoz;Westworld                    Chris Fowler

Book Reviews by Barry Gillam
    Universe 3 (Ed)                     Terry Carr

Book Reviews by Mark Adlard
    Frankenstein Unbound                Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Brian W. Aldiss
    Malevil                             Robert Merle

Book Reviews by John Brunner
    Ten Thousand Light Years From Home  James Tiptree, Jr

Book Reviews by David Pringle
    Crash                               J. G. Ballard
    Vermilion Sands                     J. G. Ballard

Book Reviews by Rob Holdstock
    Yesterday's Children                David Gerrold

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
    Orbit 11 (Ed)                       Damon Knight

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    New Writings in SF 23 (Ed)          Kenneth Bulmer
    The Guns of Avalon                  Roger Zelazny
    Traitor to the Living               Philip Jose Farmer

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