February 1985

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Editor(s):  Sue Thomason
Price:      75p
Pages:      42, A5
Cover:      Cath Easthope
Notes:      #10

                                        Sue Thomason

    Caught Being in Love                John A. Connor
    Flightless Birds                    Stuart Falconer
    The Baines Fragments                Andy Sawyer

    For Love or Money                   Alex Stewart
    Real Writers Don't Publish Fanzines Mary Gentle
    Seducers with Staples               Bob Shaw
    The Famous Five Go Shoplifting      Garry Kilworth
    Expressing Myself                   Charles Stross
    Mucking About in Bytes              Christopher Priest
    Market Space                        Dorothy Davies
    The Four Ages of Excuses for not 
          Writing                       R. I. Barycz
    Untitled                            R. I. Barycz

                                        Ros Calverley
                                        Margaret Hall

                                        John Brunner
                                        Mary Gentle
                                        David Langford
                                        Nigel Richardson
                                        Terry Broome
                                        Paul R. D. Ward
                                        Steve Lockley
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Ken Cocks

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