August 1985

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Editor(s):  Sue Thomason and Margaret Hall
Price:      ?p
Pages:      44, A5
Cover:      Simon Bromwich
Notes:      #11

                                        Sue Thomason

    In Search of a Fergussen Event      Charles Stross
    Ghost Writer                        Jim England

    Hobbsspeak                          Andy Hobbs
    Openings for New Writers            Sydney J. Bounds
    Spuds to Microchips (Word 
          Processors)                   C. R. Laker
    Spuds to Microchips (Word 
          Processors)                   Keith Freeman
    Auguries of Innocence               Nik Morton
    Beginnings                          uncredited

                                        Eddy C. Bertin
                                        Peter Coleborn
                                        Bernard Smith
                                        Robert Muir
                                        Pat Gardner
                                        Mark Greener
                                        Martyn Taylor
                                        Stuart Falconer
                                        Chris Evans
                                        Charles Stross

                                        Simon Bromwich

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