May/June 2003

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Editor(s):  Mark Greener and Martin McGrath
Price:      2.25
Pages:      24, A4
Cover:      Beagle2/OU
Notes:      #161

    Welcome,                            Mark Greener and
                                        Martin McGrath

    Rage Against the... humdrum aliens  Ben Jeapes
    News                                Mark Greener and
                                        Roderick Gladwish and
                                        Martin McGrath and
                                        Andrew M. Butler
    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Martin McGrath
    Aussie Rules? (Aurealis; Rogue 
          Worlds; Future Shocks)        Martin McGrath
    Goggle Boxes                        Martin McGrath
    World of Science                    Roderick Gladwish
    Foundation Favourites, Number 2: 
          Susie Saucer and Rocket Ronnie
          by Stella Clair               Andy Sawyer
    Out of Focus                        Simon Morden
    Resonances: Martian Orders          Stephen Baxter
    An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond: 
          Books demand to be printed    Martin Sketchley
    BSFA Awards                         Tanya Brown
    See the world with SF (Conventions) uncredited
    Save your obsessions (Groups)       uncredited
    Competition 161; Results of M159    John Ollis

Film & Media Reviews
    World in a Spin (The Core)          Martin McGrath
    Bad Dreams (Dreamcatcher)           Martin McGrath
    Luck out (Intacto)                  Martin McGrath
    Goa'ld in them hills (Stargate SG-1)
                                        Martin McGrath
    Top cops (Alan Moore's Top Ten)     Martin McGrath
    Straight to video (Ring (US))       Gary Wilkinson
    Hell is Other People (Cube 2: 
          Hypercube DVD; My Little Eye 
          DVD)                          Gary Wilkinson
    Lenny's clip show (Strange Days)    Martin Lewis
    Tapes from the Crypt: The Lost 
          World                         Martin McGrath

    Small press, big ideas              Gary Ewing
    Haunted magicians and exploding old 
          women (Hellblazer: Haunted)   Mark Greener
    The strange business of con-running Padraig O Mealoid
    Anger Management Crossword          Martin McGrath

    Richer and stranger                 James Lovegrove
        by Mark Greener

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