Paperback Parlour

February 1978

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Editor(s):  Phil Stephensen-Payne
Price:      10p
Pages:      10, A4

Notes:      Volume 2, No 1, 7th issue

                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
    The Malacia Tapestry                Brian W. Aldiss
    The Alteration                      Kingsley Amis
    The Einstein Intersection           Samuel R. Delany
    To Control the Stars                Robert Hoskins
    The Exile Waiting                   Vonda N. McIntyre
    The Female Man                      Joanna Russ
    Picnic on Paradise                  Joanna Russ
    Promised Land                       Brian Stableford
    The Paradise Game                   Brian Stableford
    The Primitive                       E. C. Tubb

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
    A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows      Poul Anderson
    The People of the Wind              Poul Anderson
    The Wandering Worlds                Terry Greenhough
    Floating Worlds                     Cecilia Holland
    Maske: Thaery                       Jack Vance
    Darkness Weaves                     Karl Edward Wagner
    Lord of Light                       Roger Zelazny

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Science Fiction Art                 Brian W. Aldiss
    The Hospital Ship                   Martin Bax
    Anywhen                             James Blish
    New Writings in SF 29 (Ed)          Kenneth Bulmer
    Lambda 1 and Other Stories (Ed)     John Carnell
    Perry Rhodan 29: A World Gone Mad   Clark Darlton
    Police Your Planet                  Lester del Rey and
                                        Erik Van Lhin
    City on the Edge of Forever         Harlan Ellison
    The Sorcerer                        Eric Ericson
    No Man Friday                       Rex Gordon
    Bill, the Galactic Hero             Harry Harrison
    Destination: Void                   Frank Herbert
    The Gods Look Down                  Trevor Hoyle
    In Deep                             Damon Knight
    The Wind's Twelve Quarters Volume 1 Ursula K. Le Guin
    The Star Diaries                    Stanislaw Lem
    Perry Rhodan 30: To Arkon           Kurt Mahr
    The Man Who Awoke                   Laurence Manning
    The Hollow Lands                    Michael Moorcock
    Land Under England                  Joseph O'Neill
    Critical Mass                       Frederik Pohl and
                                        C. M. Kornbluth
    The Prometheus Crisis               Thomas N. Scortia and
                                        Frank M. Robinson
    The Cats                            Nick Sharman
    Cosmic Kaleidoscope                 Bob Shaw
    Dimension of Miracles               Robert Sheckley
    A Choice of Gods                    Clifford D. Simak
    The Mind Riders                     Brian Stableford
    Mervyn Peake                        John Watney
    Man from Atlantis: Death Scouts     Richard Woodley
    Man from Atlantis: Sea Kill         Richard Woodley
    Mythopoeikon                        Patrick Woodroffe

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