Summer 2010

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Editor(s):  Anna Feruglio Dal Dan and Niall Harrison and Martin Lewis
Price:      £4.00
Pages:      48, A4

Notes:      #263, Roles: Production, Features/Editorial/Letters, Reviews

    Torque Control                      Niall Harrison

    No Easy Choices: Some Thoughts of an
          Adult Reading Children's and 
          Young Adult Fiction           Andrew M. Butler
    Writing a Ruritania in a post-
          colonialist world             Farah Mendlesohn

    Taking Control of the World         Kristin Cashore
        by Nic Clarke

    Nicholas Fisk: Ten Short Novels     Niall Harrison

    Resonances: Column #56              Stephen Baxter
    Foundation Favourites: Catseye, by 
          Andre Norton                  Andy Sawyer
    Progressive Scan: The Sarah Jane 
          Adventures, Season 3          Abigail Nussbaum

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Elfland                             Freda Warrington

Book Reviews by Tanya Brown
    Fathom                              Cherie Priest

Book Reviews by Stuart Carter
    Red Claw                            Philip Palmer

Book Reviews by Nic Clarke
    White is for Witching               Helen Oyeyemi

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    GM Fiction (Ed)                     Pippa Goldschmidt

Book Reviews by Simon Guerrier
    The Sad Tales of the Brothers 
          Grossbart                     Jesse Bullington

Book Reviews by Mark Harding
    And God Created Zombies             Andrew Hook
    The Push                            Dave Hutchinson
    Small Miracles                      Edward M. Lerner

Book Reviews by Niall Harrison
    Moxyland                            Lauren Beukes

Book Reviews by Penny Hill
    Soulless                            Gail Carriger
    Indigo Springs                      A. M. Dellamonica

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Conjure Wife                        Fritz Leiber

Book Reviews by Terry Jackman
    Flashforward                        Robert J. Sawyer

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Into Your Tent: The Life, Work and 
          Family Background of Eric 
          Frank Russell                 John L. Ingham

Book Reviews by Martin Lewis
    The Hunger Game                     Suzanne Collins
    Fever Crumb                         Philip Reeve

Book Reviews by Jonathan McCalmont
    Retribution Falls                   Chris Wooding

Book Reviews by Dave M. Roberts
    A Matter of Blood                   Sarah Pinborough

Book Reviews by Donna Scott
    The Kingdom Beyond the Waves        Stephen Hunt

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