March/April 1977

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      60p
Pages:      32, A4
Cover:      Dave Higgins
Notes:      #80

    A Song in the Depth of the Galaxies David Wingrove

    Confronting Professor Greatrex      Michael G. Coney
        by David Wingrove

    Blob review/metaphorical literature/
          Malzberg                      Andrew Tidmarsh
    Priest/LitCrit                      Brian Griffin
    Watson/Elwood/Priest                Andy Sawyer
    Priest/Dylan/Pringle                Andrew Muir
                                        Cyril Simsa
    layout/Shaw/plugs                   David Langford
    Shadrach in the Furnace             Roy Gray
    reviews                             Colin Bateman
    reviews                             Dennis Tucker
    V                                   Robert Heath
    Stephensen-Payne                    Anthony G. Richards
    J Watson/Dillon/art/Shaw/Elwood/
          Wingrove/Morgan/locs/policy   Phil Stephensen-Payne
    V78/Stableford/Chauvin/Watson       Alexei Panshin and
                                        Cory Panshin

Film & Media Reviews
    Carrie                              Steve Divey
    King Kong;Forbidden Planet          Andrew Tidmarsh

                                        Moy Griffiths
                                        Judy Watson
                                        Dave Griffiths
                                        Paul Dillon
                                        Paul Ryan

Book Reviews by John Clute
    medusa'a Children                   Bob Shaw
    Travelling Towards Epsilon: An 
          Anthology of French Science 
          Fiction (Ed)                  Maxim Jakubowski

Book Reviews by Mark Adlard
    Nebula Maker                        Olaf Stapledon
    Bruno Lipsitz and the Disciples of 
          Dogma                         John Robert King

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    The Time of the Hawklords           Michael Moorcock and
                                        Michael Butterworth
    This Fortress World                 James Gunn
    Tomorrow, Inc: SF Stories About Big 
          Business (Ed)                 Martin H. Greenberg and
                                        Joseph D. Olander
    _Amazing_ Vol 50, Issue 1           Ted White
    The Telzey Toy                      James H. Schmitz
    The Lion Game                       James H. Schmitz

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Continuum 2 (Ed)                    Roger Elwood
    Continuum 3 (Ed)                    Roger Elwood
    Ten Thousand Light Years from Home  James Tiptree, Jr
    Ice and Iron                        Wilson Tucker

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    Case and the Dreamer                Theodore Sturgeon

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    Evil Earths (Ed)                    Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    Frighteners 1 (Ed)                  Mary Danby
    Frighteners 2 (Ed)                  Mary Danby
    Gaslight Tales of Terror (Ed)       R. Chetwynd-Hayes
    The Seedbearers                     Peter Valentine Timlett

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