May/June 1977

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      60p
Pages:      32, A4
Cover:      Eaianne Cooke
Notes:      #81

    Juvenalia? - A Child's View of 
          Earthsea                      David Wingrove
    A Galactic Symphony: An Evaluation 
          of The "Cities in Flight" 
          Novels of James Blish         Martin Ricketts
    Culture, Anarchy and SF: A Few Late 
          Thoughts on "Frankenstein 
          Unbound"                      Brian Griffin
    Silverberg Old, Silverberg New      Chris Evans
    Icaromenippus or, The Future of 
          Science Fiction               Brian M. Stableford
    British SF: An American View        Cy Chauvin

    14/06/76                            Philip Jose Farmer
        by David Pringle

          Stephensen-Payne/art          David Wingrove
    Wingrove                            Martin Clarke
    Wingrove/Bowie                      Richard J. Smith
          Watson                        Andy Sawyer
    Wingrove/Bowie/Evans                Andrew Muir
    Judy Watson                         Arthur C. Clarke
    Sawyer/Laser Books/Elwood/Morgan    Don Malcolm
    Tucker                              Tony G. Richards
    Wingrove/Russ/Ian Watson            Douglas Barbour

                                        Carol Gregory
                                        Judy Watson
                                        Paul Dillon
                                        Dave Griffiths
                                        Paul Ryan
                                        Maclean Storey

Book Reviews by John Clute
    Shakespeare's Planet                Clifford D. Simak
    The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier 
          Ffellowes                     Sterling E. Lanier
    A Billion Days of Earth             Doris Piserchia

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    Blond Barbarians and Noble Savages  L. Sprague de Camp
    SF Voices                           Darrell Schweitzer
    Essays Lovecraftian (Ed)            Darrell Schweitzer
    The Darkover Dilemma                S. Wise
    The Light Fantastic                 Alfred Bester

Book Reviews by Douglas Barbour
    Starhiker                           Jack Dann
    If the Stars Are Gods               Gregory Benford and
                                        Gordon Eklund

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    A Blank Card                        Robert Hendrie Wilson

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Cemetery World                      Clifford D. Simak
    New Writings in SF 27 (Ed)          Kenneth Bulmer
    The Legion of Space                 Jack Williamson
    The Lincoln Hunters                 Wilson Tucker
    Sign of the Unicorn                 Roger Zelazny

Book Reviews by Mike Dickinson
    Big Planet                          Jack Vance
    Showboat World                      Jack Vance

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    Charisma                            Michael G. Coney

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    Master of Life and Death            Robert Silverberg
    Invaders from Earth                 Robert Silverberg
    The Masks of Time                   Robert Silverberg
    The Man in the Maze                 Robert Silverberg

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