January/February 1977

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      60p
Pages:      32, A4
Cover:      Carol Gregory
Notes:      #79

    Lead-In                             Chris Fowler

    Alternative Technologies for 
          Spaceship Propulsion (ManCon 
          76)                           Bob Shaw

                                        Roger Elwood
        by Chris Fowler

    Watson                              Christopher Priest
    Watson/Tidmarsh                     David Wingrove
    Watson                              Martin Ricketts
    Watson/Cooke                        Chris Morgan
    Watson                              Andrew Muir
                                        David Raffe
    Watson/reviews                      Tom Jones
    reviews/Vector/Fowler               Phil Stephensen-Payne

                                        Carol Gregory
                                        Moy Griffiths
                                        Paul Dillon
                                        Paul Ryan
                                        Judy Watson

                                        James Corley

Book Reviews by John Clute
    Nebula Award Stories 11 (Ed)        Ursula K. Le Guin
    Man Plus                            Frederik Pohl
    The Sun Chemist                     Lionel Davidson

Book Reviews by James Goddard
    The Martian Inca                    Ian Watson

Book Reviews by David Pringle
    Low-Flying Aircraft                 J. G. Ballard

Book Reviews by Martin I. Ricketts
    J. G. Ballard: The First Twenty 
          Years (Ed)                    James Goddard and
                                        David Pringle

Book Reviews by Douglas Barbour
    O Master Caliban                    Phyllis Gotlieb

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The Bicentennial Man and Other 
          Stories                       Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    The Fantastic Imagination: An 
          Anthology of High Fantasy (Ed)
                                        Robert H. Boyer and
                                        Kenneth J. Zahorski

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Decade: the 1960s (Ed)              Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Deus Irae                           Philip K. Dick and
                                        Roger Zelazny
    Shadrach in the Furnace             Robert Silverberg
    Casey Agonistes and Other SF and 
          Fantasy Stories               Richard McKenna
    Orbitsville                         Bob Shaw

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else  Ursula K. Le Guin
    Brontomek                           Michael G. Coney
    New Worlds 10 (Ed)                  Hilary Bailey

Book Reviews by James Corley
    Future City (Ed)                    Roger Elwood

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