April 1977

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Editor(s):  Tom A. Jones
Pages:      44, A4
Cover:      David V. Lewis
Notes:      #11

    Misen                               Tom A. Jones

    A Brief Exchange                    James Baen
        by David Wingrove

    Record Review: Jack Lancaster & 
          Robin Lumley - Marscape       Noel Chidwick
    Record Review: Vangelis - Albedo 0.
          39                            Noel Chidwick
    TV Sci-Fic Monthly: A Review        Derek Harkness
    "Heinlein = Fascist", Debunked      Cyril Simsa
    In the Depths: Fanzines Under the 
          Microscope: Maya              David Wingrove
    SF and Music                        Jim Darroch
    Bookshops: Bookshop in Bolton       Bernard
    Bookshops: The Forever People       Richard Harthill
    Bookshops: Bonus Books              Alison Lowe
    Bookshops: Jim Hughes               Neil Roberts
    Bookshops: Oxford; Swindon; Penn    Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Bookshops: Cheltenham               Graham Poole
    British Fandom's Art Portfolio      Paul A. Ryan
    Obituary of I. O. Evans             uncredited
    Report on Tangent                   Ian Garbutt
    News                                Newshounds of the BSFA
    The Prozines Viewed: Analog February
          1977                          Terry Jeeves
    The Prozines Viewed: Isaac Asimov's 
          March 1977                    Terry Jeeves
    The Prozines Viewed: Galileo 1      Roger Waddingham
    The Prozines Viewed: Vortex 2       Roger Waddingham
    Vortex No. 1 - Under the Whip       david Cobbledick
    Round the Clubs                     David Cobbledick
    Book News                           uncredited
    BSFA News                           uncredited
    Response to Keith Walker's Review of
          Matrix                        Tom A. Jones

    Fallible Freeman Freaking Out on 
          Favourite Fanzines            Keith Freeman
    SF Media News                       Graham Poole

Film & Media Reviews
    Fantastic Journey                   Derek Harkness

                                        Cyril Simsa
                                        David Langford
                                        John C. Kerr
                                        Keith Barnfather
                                        Alison Lowe
                                        Peter Nicholls
                                        Gwynfor Jones
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Paul Lynch
                                        Colin Bateman
                                        Derek A. Harkness
                                        Elaine Walsh
                                        Trev Briggs
                                        Brian R. Tawn
                                        Brian Tucker
                                        Andrew Muir
                                        Keith Freeman
                                        Sam Stafford
                                        Robert Heath
                                        John C. Kerr
                                        Richard Seals
                                        David Wingrove
                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Why I left the BSFA                 Joseph Nicholas
    The Proofreader Replies             David Cobbledick

                                        David V. Lewis
                                        Derek Harkness
                                        Jim Barker

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