September/October 2005

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Editor(s):  Tom Hunter and Claire Weaver and Martin McGrath
Price:      2.25
Pages:      32, A4

Notes:      #175

    Sound, sound the Clarion            Justina Robson
    It's all a load of ballots          Martin McGrath
    The Joys of punk rock publishing 
          (Immanion Press)              David Barnett
    Turn on, tune in, pod out (podcasts)
                                        Paul S. Jenkins

    News                                Claire Weaver and
                                        Martin McGrath and
                                        Tom Weaver
    World of Science                    Roderick Gladwish
    BSFA News: Monkey business          Tom Hunter
    Foundation Favourites, Number 15: 
          The Mummy - Jane Webb         Andy Sawyer
    Pulpitations: Turning a corner (Apex
          ; AlienSkin)                  Roderick Gladwish
    Resonances: Enjoying the sun, while 
          it lasts                      Stephen Baxter
    Follow the signs to Sol Central 
          (NewCon3)                     Martin Sketchley
    BSFA Awards: Choose your awards 
          path                          Claire Brialey
    Fandom: British worldcon: no 
          fatalities                    Mark Plummer
    Mediatations                        Martin McGrath
    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Martin McGrath
    Rage Against... everything!         Jon Courtenay Grimwood
    Crossword 175                       Martin McGrath

Film & Media Reviews
    Chocolate treats (Charlie and the 
          Chocolate Factory)            Martin McGrath
    The Ordinary four (Fantastic Four)  Martin McGrath
    Artificial stupidity (Stealth)      Martin McGrath
    An island people (The Island)       Martin McGrath
    Summer round-up                     Martin McGrath
    Cut backs (The Final Cut)           Martin McGrath
    Slipping away (Slipstream)          Martin McGrath
    Tapes from the Crypt: U.F.O. The 
          Movie                         Martin McGrath

    Follow the signs to Sol Central     Ian Watson
        by Martin Sketchley

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