August 1996

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Andrew M. Butler and Gary S. Dalkin and Paul Kincaid and Tanya Brown
Price:      £2.25
Pages:      20+32, A4
Cover:      Sue Mason
Notes:      #188, Roles: Editor, Features, Features, Hardback Reviews, Paperback Reviews

    Invective                           Gary S. Dalkin

    Bob Shaw 1931-1996: Wreath of Stars David Langford
    Bob Shaw 1931-1996                  Andy Sawyer
    Bob Shaw: An Appreciation           Brian Stableford
    Bob Shaw - A Light From Other Days  James White
    Books of the Year - 1995            Paul Kincaid
    Cognitive Mapping, 3: Aliens        Paul Kincaid
    Wild Extravagant Theories: The 
          Science of "The Time Machine" Stephen Baxter

Book Reviews by Andrew Adams
    The Death of Chaos                  L. E. Modesitt, Jr
    Exile's Children                    Angus Wells

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
    Endymion                            Dan Simmons

Book Reviews by Julie Atkin
    Star Trek Creator: The Authorised 
          Biography of Gene Roddenberry David Alexander

Book Reviews by Susan Badham
    Fortress Manhattan                  David Callinan
    Warhammer: Chaos Child              Ian Watson

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Mainline                            Deborah Christian
    Kairos                              Gwyneth Jones
    Daggerspell                         Katharine Kerr
    Wonder Beasts (Ed)                  Joe Nigg

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
    Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears (Ed)    Ellen Datlow and
                                        Terri Windling
    Legacies                            Alison Sinclair

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
    The White Gryphon                   Mercedes Lackey and
                                        Larry Dixon
    Signs of Life                       Cherry Wilder

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Legacy                              Greg Bear
    Batman vs. Predator 2: Bloodmatch   Doug Moench and
                                        Paul Gulacy and
                                        Terry Austin
    Batman: The Last Arkham             Alan Grant and
                                        Norm Breyfogle

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    The Kingdoms of the Night           Allan Cole and
                                        Chris Bunch
    Magic: The Gathering - Shattered 
          Chains                        Clayton Emery
    Magic: The Gathering - Final 
          Sacrifice                     Clayton Emery
    The Silver Gryphon                  Mercedes Lackey and
                                        Larry Dixon
    The Ruins of Ambrai                 Melanie Rawn

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
    Adrift in the Oceans of Mercy       Martin Booth

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    The Reality Dysfunction             Peter F. Hamilton

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
    Beyond Uhura                        Nichelle Nichols
    Higher Education                    Charles Sheffield and
                                        Jerry Pournelle
    Salamander's Fire                   Brian Stableford

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    Assassin's Apprentice               Robin Hobb

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Richter 10                          Arthur C. Clarke and
                                        Mike Resnick

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    The Memory Palace                   Gill Alderman
    Dead Things                         Richard Calder
    Celestial Matters                   Richard Garfinkle
    The Complete Chronicles of the 
          Jerusalem Man                 David Gemmell
    Desmodus                            Melanie Tem

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Pirates of the Universe             Terry Bisson
    Fremder                             Russell Hoban
    CivilWarLand in Bad Decline         George Saunders

Book Reviews by Vikki Lee
    First King of Shannara              Terry Brooks
    Pawn's Dream                        Eric S. Nylund

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
    The Fear Man                        Ann Halam
    When the Lights Go Out              Tanith Lee

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
    Star Beast                          Will Baker
    The Legend of Deathwalker           David Gemmell
    Cade 1: Galaxy's Edge               Douglas Hill
    Core                                Paul Preuss

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    Psychoville                         Christopher Fowler
    Intersections: The Sycamore Hill 
          Anthology (Ed)                John Kessel and
                                        Mark L. Van Name and
                                        Richard Butner

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Brightness Reef                     David Brin
    Jerusalem Commands                  Michael Moorcock
    Expiration Date                     Tim Powers

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    The Uplift War                      David Brin
    Serpent's Blood                     Brian Stableford

Book Reviews by Steve Palmer
    Axiomatic                           Greg Egan
    Wildside                            Steven Gould
    Seasons of Plenty                   Colin Greenland
    The Scrying Game                    Andrew Harman

Book Reviews by Stephen Payne
    Dark Love (Ed)                      Nancy A. Collins and
                                        Martin H. Greenberg and
                                        Edward E. Kramer
    Dark Terrors (Ed)                   Stephen Jones and
                                        David Sutton
    Dark Dominion                       Bentley Little
    Echoes of Issel                     Diann Thornley

Book Reviews by Mark Plummer
    Hawkwood's Voyage                   Paul Kearney

Book Reviews by Elinor Predota
    The Tale of One Bad Rat             Bryan Talbot

Book Reviews by Liam Proven
    Blood-Sucking Fiends                Christopher Moore
    Relic                               Lincoln Preston

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    The Dispossessed                    Ursula K. Le Guin

Book Reviews by Maureen Speller
    Raptor Red                          Robert T. Bakker
    Four Heads in the Air               Fred Clarke

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The Williamson Effect (Ed)          Roger Zelazny

Book Reviews by Kathy Taylor
    Have Demon, Will Travel             John Brosnan
    Sins of the Blood                   Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    Aliens Omnibus: 'The Female War' & 
          'Genocide'                    Steve Perry and
                                        Stephani Perry and
                                        David Bischoff

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Half the Day Is Night               Maureen F. McHugh

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Bleak Seasons                       Glen Cook
    Rise of a Merchant Prince           Raymond E. Feist
    The Devil's Piper                   Frances Gordon
    Johnny and the Bomb                 Terry Pratchett

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