October 1968

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Editor(s):  Michael Kenward
Price:      ?p
Pages:      34, quarto
Cover:      ?
Notes:      #51

    A Personal View                     Michael Kenward

    Fandom at Trieste                   Gian Paolo Cossato
     Obituary: Kenneth Thorne McIntyre  Archie Mercer
    On 'New Worlds' Number 192          Michael Kenward

    Disch on Disch, Brighton Arts 
          Festival, May 1968            Thomas M. Disch
        by Michael Kenward

    The Child                           Val Purnell
    Mutie                               Val Purnell

                                        John Brunner
                                        Dav Garnett
                                        Graham Andrews
                                        M. John Harrison
                                        Phil Muldowney

Film & Media Reviews
    Yellow Submarine                    Vic Hallett

Book Reviews by Chris Priest
    Pavane                              Keith Roberts

Book Reviews by Michael Kenward
    Under Compulsion                    Thomas M. Disch
    The Dynamics of Change              Don Fabun

Book Reviews by Michael G. Coney
    New Worlds 182 (Ed)                 Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Dav Garnett
    The Traps of Time (Ed)              Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Vic Hallett
    20001 - A Space Odyssey             Arthur C. Clarke
    This Immortal                       Roger Zelazny
    Out of the Dead City                Samuel R. Delany

Book Reviews by David Dancy
    Colossus                            D. F. Jones

Book Reviews by Robert P. Holdstock
    The Cassiopeia Affair               Chloe Zerwick and
                                        Harrison Brown

Book Reviews by Colin Denbigh
    The Time Hoppers                    Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Richard Barycz
    Report from Iron Mountain on the 
          Possibility and Desirability 
          of Peace                      uncredited

Book Reviews by J. R. G.
    Suns, Myths and Men                 Patrick Moore

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