Paperback Inferno

April/May 1991

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Price:      95p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Kevin Cullen
Notes:      #89, 85th issue

    Paperback Purgatory                 Andy Sawyer

    Upon the Rack in Print (Interzone 
          44-45 February - March 1991)  Andy Mills

                                        Steve Bruce

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    Pohlstars                           Frederik Pohl
    Enchanted Pilgrimage                Clifford D. Simak

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Beyond Lies the Wub                 Philip K. Dick
    The Magical World of the Inklings   Gareth Knight
    At Winter's End                     Robert Silverberg
    The Divide                          Robert Charles Wilson

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
    Our Children's Children             Clifford D. Simak
    The Fugitive Worlds                 Bob Shaw
    Character and Viewpoint             Orson Scott Card
    Plot                                Ansen Dibell

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Song of Kali                        Dan Simmons
    Carrion Comfort                     Dan Simmons

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Machine Sex                         Candas Jane Dorsey
    The Bad Place                       Dean R. Koontz

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    Armageddon: The Musical             Robert Rankin
    When the Changewinds Blow           Jack L. Chalker
    The Door Into Fire                  Diane Duane

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
    War of the Sky Lords                John Brosnan
    Final Rain: The Survivalist: 19     Jerry Ahern
    The Machiavelli Interface           Steve Perry

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    The Cyberiad                        Stanislaw Lem
    The Star Diaries                    Stanislaw Lem
    More Tales of Pirx the Pilot        Stanislaw Lem

Book Reviews by Chris Hart
    The World Inside                    Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    The Game-Players of Titan           Philip K. Dick

Book Reviews by Edward James
    As on a Darkling Plain              Ben Bova

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    Myth Directions                     Robert Lynn Asprin
    Hit or Myth                         Robert Lynn Asprin
    Berserker Blue Death                Fred Saberhagen
    The Long Habit of Living            Joe Haldeman
    Good News from Outer Space          John Kessel
    The Icemen                          M. E. Morris

Book Reviews by David Langford
    Fly By Night                        Jenny Jones

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
    Starswarm                           Brian W. Aldiss
    The Dosadi Experiment               Frank Herbert
    Bad Voltage                         Jonathan Littel

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
    Rama II                             Arthur C. Clarke and
                                        Gentry Lee

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    Post Mortem (Ed)                    Paul F. Olson and
                                        David B. Silva
    The Amtrak Wars: Earth Thunder      Patrick Tilley
    Rose of the Prophet                 Margaret Weis and
                                        Tracy Hickman

Book Reviews by Phil Nichols
    The Sheep Look Up                   John Brunner

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    Strands of Sunlight                 Gael Baudino
    Quest for Lost Heroes               David Gemmell
    Sorceror's Son                      Phyllis Eisenstein

Book Reviews by Jim Provan
    Grass                               Sheri S. Tepper
    The Barsoom Project                 Larry Niven and
                                        Steven Barnes

Book Reviews by Ian Sales
    Heaven Cent                         Piers Anthony
    Horselords                          David Cook
    The Calling                         Richard Sanford

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Dragon Wing                         Margaret Weis and
                                        Tracy Hickman
    The Race for God                    Brian Herbert
    The Warlock Enlarged                Christopher Stasheff
    The Canongate Strangler             Angus McAllister
    Midnight Blue                       Pauline Fisk
    So You Want to be a Wizard          Diane Duane
    Flint the King                      Mary Kirchoff and
                                        Douglas Niles
    Kaz the Minotaur                    Richard A. Knaak
    Death Dream                         Graham Masterton
    The Kill Riff                       David J. Schow
    Ghost Hunter                        Ed Warren and
                                        Lorraine Warren and
                                        Robert David Chase

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    Warlock: To the Magic Born          Christopher Stasheff

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Wild Seed                           Octavia E. Butler
    Kill the Dead                       Tanith Lee
    The Outlaws of Sherwood             Robin McKinley
    Phases of Gravity                   Dan Simmons
    The Gate of Ivory                   Doris Egan
    The Rainbow Gate                    Freda Warrington

Book Reviews by Neale Vickery
    Out on Blue Six                     Ian McDonald

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Soul Eater                          K. W. Jeter
    Fear Itself: The Horror Fiction of 
          Stephen King (Ed)             Tim Underwood and
                                        Chuck Miller

Book Reviews by Brendan Wignall
    The Gate to Women's Country         Sheri S. Tepper
    Azazel                              Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by Jessica Yates
    The Daymaker                        Ann Halam
    Extinction is Forever               Louise Lawrence

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