Paperback Inferno

June/July 1991

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Price:      95p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Colin P. Davies
Notes:      #90, 86th issue

    Paperback Purgatory                 Andy Sawyer

    Competition Corner                  Andy Sawyer
    Upon the Rack in Print (Interzone 
          46-47 April - May 1991)       Andy Mills

                                        Steve Bruce
                                        Sean Friend
                                        Kevin A. Cullen

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    Prentice Alvin                      Orson Scott Card
    The Cartoonist                      Sean Costello

Book Reviews by Chris C. Bailey
    Sin of Origin                       John Barnes
    Time for the Stars                  Robert A. Heinlein
    Robot Visions                       Isaac Asimov
    A Flag Full of Stars                Brad Ferguson
    Contamination: Star Trek:TNG 16     John Vornholt

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    The Queen of Springtime             Robert Silverberg
    The Days of Perky Pat               Philip K. Dick

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Bill, the Galactic Hero on the 
          Planet of Robot Slaves        Harry Harrison
    The Mammoth Book of Terror (Ed)     Stephen Jones
    Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and 
          Death                         Ramsey Campbell
    Hear the Children Calling           Clare McNally
    The Gates of Thorbardin             Dan Parkinson

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Ealdwood                            C. J. Cherryh

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    Hyperion                            Dan Simmons
    Dark Ashram                         Leo Giroux, Jr
    The Dragonrealm: Wolfhelm           Richard A. Knaak

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
    Them Bones                          Howard Waldrop
    Gypsies                             Robert Charles Wilson
    Firstborn                           Paul B. Thompson and
                                        Tonya R. Carter

Book Reviews by Geoff Cowie
    The Eye of the World                Robert Jordan
    Web of Futures                      Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    City                                Clifford D. Simak
    Catface                             Clifford D. Simak
    Cerberus: a Wolf in the Fold        Jack L. Chalker
    Charon: A Dragon at the Gate        Jack L. Chalker

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Planet of the Apes                  Pierre Boulle
    Voyagers III - Star Brothers        Ben Bova
    After Sundown                       Randall Boyll

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    The Place                           T. M. Wright

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    Clarke County, Space                Allen Steele
    This Island Earth                   Raymond F. Jones
    Myth-ing Persons                    Robert Lynn Asprin
    Demon Blues                         Esther M. Friesner
    Charmed Life                        Bernard Taylor

Book Reviews by Phil Nichols
    When Gravity Falls                  George Alec Effinger

Book Reviews by Jim Provan
    Drenai Tales                        David Gemmell

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Better Than Life                    Grant Naylor
    Lion of Macedon                     David Gemmell
    The Servants of Twilight            Dean R. Koontz
    Shadow Realm                        Marc Alexander
    The Writer's Guide to Self-
          Publishing                    Charlie Bell
    Thicker Than Water                  Penelope Farmer
    The Colloghi Conspiracy             Douglas Hill
    Exile                               R. A. Salvatore
    The Haunted Sand                    Hugh Scott
    The Mirrorwell Express              Derek Taylor
    How to Write Tales of Horror, 
          Fantasy & Science Fiction (Ed)
                                        J. N. Williamson

Book Reviews by Maureen Speller
    Queen of Angels                     Greg Bear

Book Reviews by Jim Steel
    Bane                                Joe Donnelly
    The Shadow of the Torturer          Gene Wolfe
    The Claw of the Conciliator         Gene Wolfe
    The Paratwa                         Christopher Hinz

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    The Wall Around Eden                Joan Slonczewski
    The Funeral March of the 
          Marionettes                   Frank de Felitta
    The Sea Star                        Diana L. Paxson

Book Reviews by Stephen Tew
    First Contact: The Search for 
          Extraterrestrial Intelligence 
          (Ed)                          Ben Bova and
                                        Byron Preiss
    Hallowes' Hell                      Neville Steed
    Viper Hand                          Douglas Niles

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Diggers                             Terry Pratchett
    Mind of My Mind                     Octavia E. Butler
    Shadowfane                          Janny Wurts

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Scare Care (Ed)                     Graham Masterton
    Peacemaker                          Robert Holt and
                                        Frank Holt

Book Reviews by Brendan Wignall
    The Futurological Congress          Stanislaw Lem
    Imaginary Magnitude                 Stanislaw Lem
    Memoirs of a Space Pilot            Stanislaw Lem

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