Paperback Inferno

February/March 1991

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Price:      95p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Dreyfus
Notes:      #88, 84th issue

    Paperback Purgatory                 Andy Sawyer

    Problems with Paperbacks? A French 
          Perspective                   Herve Hauck
    Upon the Rack in Print (Asimov's 
          Mid-December 1990, January, 
          February 1991; Analog Mid-
          December 1990, January, 
          February 1991)                Edward James
    Upon the Rack in Print (Interzone 
          42-43 December 1990 - January 
          1991)                         Andy Mills

                                        John D. Rickett
                                        Jim Provan

                                        Steve Bruce

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    Total Recall                        Piers Anthony
    Farewell Horizontal                 K. W. Jeter

Book Reviews by Chris C. Bailey
    Star Trek: The Lost Years           James M. Dillard
    The Eyes of the Beholder (Star 
          Trek:TNG 13)                  A. C. Crispin
    Pawns and Symbols                   Majliss Larson
    The Tears of the Singers (Star Trek 
          39)                           Melinda Snodgrass

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    The Cosmic Trilogy                  C. S. Lewis
    Second Variety                      Philip K. Dick
    Cradle                              Arthur C. Clarke and
                                        Gentry Lee

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
    Return from the Stars               Stanislaw Lem
    His Master's Voice                  Stanislaw Lem
    The Chain of Chance                 Stanislaw Lem
    Tales of Pirx the Pilot             Stanislaw Lem

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    A Child Across the Sky              Jonathan Carroll
    Dark Fantasies (Ed)                 Chris Morgan
    Egypt Green                         Christopher Hyde
    Greenbriar Queen                    Sheila Gilluly

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Moving Moosevan                     Jane Palmer
    Sadar's Keep                        Midori Snyder
    Raven's Gathering                   Keith Taylor

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    Ivory                               Mike Resnick
    The Steerswoman                     Rosemary Kirstein

Book Reviews by Eric Brown
    Brothers in Arms                    Lois McMaster Bujold
    Doomsday World (Star Trek:TNG 12)   Carmen Carter and
                                        Peter David and
                                        Michael Jan Friedman and
                                        Robert Greenberger
    Ash Ock                             Christopher Hinz

Book Reviews by Geoff Cowie
    Breaking Strain                     Paul Preuss

Book Reviews by Benedict S. Cullum
    The Last Stand of the DNA Cowboys   Mick Farren
    Showboat World                      Jack Vance
    Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom       David Wingrove
    The Guardians                       Richard Austin
    Armageddon Run                      Richard Austin

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    Tigana                              Guy Gavriel Kay

Book Reviews by Chris Hart
    Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies       Craig Shaw Gardner
    Ice Dragon                          Richard A. Knaak
    Soldier of Another Fortune          Mike Shupp

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Robocop 2                           Ed Naha

Book Reviews by Edward James
    Scholars and Soldiers               Mary Gentle

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    Mazeway                             Jack Williamson

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
    Spock's World                       Diane Duane

Book Reviews by Kev McVeigh
    Dreams of Gods and Men              W. T. Quick

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    A Hidden Place                      Robert Charles Wilson
    Memory Wire                         Robert Charles Wilson
    Farmer in the Sky                   Robert A. Heinlein

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Escape from Katmandu                Kim Stanley Robinson
    Father to the Man                   John Gribbin

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    The Dragonbone Chair                Tad Williams

Book Reviews by Ian Sales
    The Ultimate Enemy                  Fred Saberhagen
    Daughter of Witches                 Patricia C. Wrede

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    The Unsettled Dust                  Robert Aickman
    The Power of Myth                   Joseph Campbell and
                                        Bill Moyers
    Guards! Guards!                     Terry Pratchett
    Dawn Song                           Sharon Green
    The Final Reckoning                 Robin Jarvis
    Iced on Aran                        Brian Lumley
    Toady                               Mark Morris
    Ironhelm                            Douglas Niles

Book Reviews by Jim Steel
    Shattered                           Dean R. Koontz
    Voice of the Night                  Dean R. Koontz
    Phantoms                            Dean R. Koontz
    Armageddon Off Vesta                M. S. Murdoch

Book Reviews by Martyn Taylor
    Rusalka                             C. J. Cherryh

Book Reviews by Steven Tew
    Starfire                            Paul Preuss
    Children of the Thunder             John Brunner
    Seven of Swords                     Carole Nelson Douglas

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Batman: Red Water, Crimson Death    Neal Adams and
                                        Bob Haney and
                                        Denny O'Neil
    Tapping the Vein, Book Three        Clive Barker and
                                        Denys Cowan and
                                        Michael Davis and
                                        Bo Hampton

Book Reviews by Martin R. Webb
    The Dark Half                       Stephen King

Book Reviews by Brendan Wignall
    The Enchanted                       Roberta Murphy

Book Reviews by Jessica Yates
    Sorceress of Darshiva               David Eddings
    The Coming of Wisdom                Dave Duncan
    The Voyage of QV66                  Penelope Lively
    Parchment House                     Cara Lockhart Smith

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