Paperback Inferno

December/January 1990

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Editor(s):  Andy Sawyer
Price:      95p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Colin P. Davies
Notes:      #87, 83rd issue

    Paperback Purgatory                 Andy Sawyer

    Problems with Paperbacks?           David Hodson
    Upon the Rack in Print (Asimov's 
          November - December 1990; 
          Analog November - December 
          1990)                         Edward James
    Upon the Rack in Print (Interzone 
          40-41 October - November 1990)
                                        Andy Mills
    Upon the Rack in Print (Fantasy 
          Tales Vol 12 No 5 Autumn 1990)
                                        Andy Sawyer

                                        Ken Lake

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    The Time-Lapsed Man and Other 
          Stories                       Eric Brown
    Sunfall                             C. J. Cherryh

Book Reviews by Chris C. Bailey
    The Wizard and the War Machine      Lawrence Watt-Evans
    The Boat of a Million Years         Poul Anderson
    Black Fire: Star Trek 37            Sonni Cooper
    Killing Time: Satr Trek 38          Della Van Hise

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Fahrenheit 451                      Ray Bradbury

Book Reviews by Norman Beswick
    Digital Dreams (Ed)                 David V. Barrett

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Shatter                             John Farris
    The Bureau of Lost Souls            Christopher Fowler

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    More Tales from the Forbidden Planet
          (Ed)                          Roz Kaveney
    Imago                               Octavia E. Butler
    Moonheart                           Charles de Lint
    The Dungeon 2: The Dark Abyss       Bruce Colville
    Beauty and the Beast                Barbara Hambly
    Shadow Magic                        Patricia C. Wrede

Book Reviews by Geoff Cowie
    Salvage Rites                       Ian Watson
    Thunder of Hell                     Richard Austin
    Night of the Phoenix                Richard Austin

Book Reviews by Benedict S. Cullum
    The Sea Sword                       Adrienne Martine-Barnes
    Fortress of the Pearl               Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Chris Hart
    Wolf's Brother                      Megan Lindholm
    The Paladin of the Nihgt            Margaret Weis and
                                        Tracy Hickman

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Best New SF 4 (Ed)                  Gardner Dozois

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    Invasion                            Derek Slade
    The Nexus                           Mike McQuay

Book Reviews by Vernon Leigh
    Take Back Plenty                    Colin Greenland
    The Colloghi Conspiracy             Douglas Hill
    Winter in Aphelion                  Chris Dixon

Book Reviews by Craig Marnock
    The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories 
          (Ed)                          Richard Dalby
    The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time
          Greats (Ed)                   Robert Silverberg and
                                        Martin H. Greenberg

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    Black Milk                          Robert Reed
    Dawnspell                           Katharine Kerr

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Time and Again                      Jack Finney
    The Child Garden                    Geoff Ryman

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    Chase the Morning                   Michael Scott Rohan
    Black Smith's Telling               Fay Sampson

Book Reviews by Ian Sales
    Zenith 2 (Ed)                       David S. Garnett
    Dark Voices 2 (Ed)                  David Sutton and
                                        Stephen Jones
    Dark Visions (Ed)                   Douglas E. Winter
    The Room                            Michael Gray

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Hellblazer, Volume 4                Jamie Delano and
                                        Richard Piers Rayner and
                                        Mark Buckingham and
                                        Mike Hoffman
    Faces of Fear (Ed)                  Douglas E. Winter
    The Diamond Throne                  David Eddings
    The Wazir and the Witch             Hugh Cook
    No Haven for the Guilty             Simon R. Green
    The Conan Chronicles 2              Robert E. Howard and
                                        L. Sprague de Camp and
                                        Lin Carter
    Deadspeak                           Brian Lumley
    Into Narsindal                      Roger Taylor
    Riverwind The Plainsman             Paul B. Thompson and
                                        Tonya R. Carter

Book Reviews by Steven Tew
    The Gold Coast                      Kim Stanley Robinson

Book Reviews by Neale Vickery
    Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy           Robert Anton Wilson
    The Embedding                       Ian Watson
    Angel Fire                          Andrew M. Greeley
    Phobia                              Guy N. Smith

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Best New Horror (Ed)                Stephen Jones and
                                        Ramsey Campbell
    While Angels Sleep                  Judith Kelman
    Royal Chaos                         Dan McGirt
    Sweetheart, Sweetheart              Bernard Taylor

Book Reviews by Brendan Wignall
    The Orbit SF Yearbook 3 (Ed)        David S. Garnett
    The Empire of Fear                  Brian Stableford
    Pioneers                            Philip Mann
    High Deryni                         Katherine Kurtz
    Unicorn Mountain                    Michael Bishop
    The Curse of Slagfid                Elizabeth M. Boyer
    The Scions of Shannara              Terry Brooks
    Soma                                Charles Platt

Book Reviews by Jessica Yates
    Fade                                Robert Cormier
    Melusine                            Lynne Reid Banks
    Isle of Destiny                     Kenneth C. Flint

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