August/September 1991

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Editor(s):  Catie Cary and Kev McVeigh and Chris Amies
Price:      125p
Pages:      24, A4
Cover:      ?
Notes:      #162, Roles: Editor, Editor, Reviews

                                        Catie Cary

    Miha Remec: The Early SF of a 
          Slovene Writer                Ziga Leskovsek
    Looking Behind the Sun: Religious 
          Implications of Gene Wolfe's 
          "The Book of the New Sun"     Steve Palmer

    Out in July ...                     Keith Brooke
        by Stephen Baxter

    The Family Business: Brian Herbert's
          Writings Reviewed             Andy Sawyer

                                        Kevin A. Cullen

                                        Maureen Speller
                                        Pete Darby
                                        Ken Lake
                                        Nick Wood

Book Reviews by Lynne Fox
    More Tales from the Forbidden Planet
          (Ed)                          Roz Kaveney

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
    The Great Hunt                      Robert Jordan
    The Other Sinbad                    Craig Shaw Gardner
    The Crystal Palace                  Phyllis Eisenstein
    The Edge of Vengeance               Jenny Jones

Book Reviews by Maureen Speller
    Phaze Doubt                         Piers Anthony

Book Reviews by Dave Mitchell
    Thomas the Rhymer                   Ellen Kushner

Book Reviews by Jim England
    The Worthing Saga                   Orson Scott Card
    Maps in a Mirror                    Orson Scott Card
    Summer of Night                     Dan Simmons
    Fiends                              John Farris

Book Reviews by Michael J. Pont
    Divergence                          Charles Sheffield

Book Reviews by Catie Cary
    Stalin's Teardrops                  Ian Watson

Book Reviews by Valerie Housden
    Shadow Realm                        Marc Alexander

Book Reviews by Darroll Pardoe
    The UFO Encyclopaedia               John Spencer

Book Reviews by Kev McVeigh
    The King of the Hill                Paul J. McAuley

Book Reviews by Alex Stewart
    Scare Care (Ed)                     Graham Masterton
    Othersyde                           J. Michael Straczynski
    Strangers                           Dean R. Koontz

Book Reviews by Martin Brice
    Elven Star                          Margaret Weis and
                                        Tracy Hickman

Book Reviews by Ken Lake
    Pegasus in Flight                   Anne McCaffrey

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Jurassic Park                       Michael Crichton

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    Eight Skilled Gentlemen             Barry Hughart

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    The Renegades of Pern               Anne McCaffrey

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    The Magic Spectacles                James P. Blaylock
    The Revenge of the Rose             Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Martin Webb
    The Voice of the Night              Dean R. Koontz

Book Reviews by Charles Stross
    Hyperion                            Dan Simmons
    The Fall of Hyperion                Dan Simmons

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Eternal Light                       Paul J. McAuley

Book Reviews by John Gribbin
    Reaper Man                          Terry Pratchett

Book Reviews by Michael Fearn
    Orion in the Dying Time             Ben Bova

Book Reviews by David V. Barrett
    Drenai Tales                        David Gemmell

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    Moondance                           S. P. Somtow

Book Reviews by Terry Broome
    The Asimov Chronicles               Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    The Face of the Waters              Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    Chernevog                           C. J. Cherryh
    The Ruby Knight                     David Eddings

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    Against/Beyond the Fall of Night    Arthur C. Clarke and
                                        Gregory Benford

Book Reviews by Martin Brice
    Dreamside                           Graham Joyce
    The Lords of the Stoney Mountains   Anthony Swithin

Book Reviews by Tom A. Jones
    Young Bleys                         Gordon R. Dickson

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