May/June 2006

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Geneva Melzack and Niall Harrison and Paul Billinger
Price:      £2.50
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      Tony Cullen
Notes:      #247, Roles: Production & General, Features, Editorial & Letters, Reviews

    Torque Control                      Geneva Melzack and
                                        Niall Harrison

    Che Guevara on a Greyhound Bus      Marcial Souto
        by Ian Watson

    The Future That Never Began: The 
          Golden Age of Soviet SF       Michael Froggatt
    Colorful Stories: Fantastic Fiction 
          by African Descended Authors  Nisi Shawl
    The Search for South African SF     Nick Wood
    Bears, Bombs and Popcorn: Some 
          considerations when mining 
          other cultures for source 
          materials                     Judith Berman
    Archipelago: The Stories of Zoran 
          Zivkovic                      Dan Hartland

    The New X: The walls are down, 
          unfortunately                 Graham Sleight

Book Reviews by Paul Bateman
    Elemental: The Tsunami Relief 
          Anthology (Ed)                Steven Savile and
                                        Alethea Kontis

Book Reviews by Zara Baxter
    Australian Speculative Fiction: A 
          Genre Overview (Ed)           Donna Maree Hanson

Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. Billinger
    Cold Skin                           Albert Sanchez Pinol

Book Reviews by Paul N. Billinger
    The Carpet Makers                   Andreas Eschbach

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
    I Am Alive and You Are Dead:  A 
          Journey into the Mind of 
          Philip K. Dick                Emmauel Carrere
    Keep the Giraffe Burning            John Sladek
    Alien Accounts                      John Sladek
    The Lunatics of Terra               John Sladek
    The Steam-Driven Boy and Other 
          Stories                       John Sladek

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    Living Next-Door to the God of Love Justina Robson

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    Quantico                            Greg Bear

Book Reviews by Niall Harrison
    Fly by Night                        Frances Hardinge
    Bear Daughter                       Judith Berman

Book Reviews by Penny Hill
    Darkland                            Liz Williams

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia          George Zebrowski

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    The Clan Corporate                  Charles Stross

Book Reviews by Geneva Melzack
    Not Before Sundown                  Johanna Sinisalo

Book Reviews by Colin Odell and Mitch Le Blanc
    Black Juice                         Margo Lanagan
    Cinema Macabre                      Mark Morris

Book Reviews by Estelle Roberts
    The Lies of Locke Lamora            Scott Lynch

Book Reviews by Ian Watson
    The Possibility of an Island        Michael Houllebecq

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