February/March 1982

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Editor(s):  Graham James and Linda Strickler
Pages:      34, A4
Cover:      Rob Hansen
Notes:      #40

    Extracting the World of SF          Graham James and
                                        Linda James

    A Day in the Life!                  Chris Evans
    Whether Report (Chairman's Message) Alan Dorey

Film & Media Reviews
    Rod Beacham's _Frame of Deference_ 
          (Radio 4)                     James Parker
    _Kinvig_ and _Astronauts_ (TV)      Martyn Taylor
    Gerry Knight's _The Chosen_ (Radio 
          4)                            P. Nichols

    Open Letter to Chuck Connor         Ian Watson
    At a Loss to Understand: Convention 
          Financing                     D. West
    Art Needs No Reward: Fannish Polls  Michael Ashley

    Forthcoming Books                   Joseph Nicholas
    Film & TV News                      Simon Bostock
    Books, Magazines & Other News       Graham James and
                                        Linda Strickler
    Convention News                     Graham James and
                                        Linda Strickler
    Life on Mars                        Steve Green
    Deep Cuts                           Simon Ounsley
    Competition M37/M40                 David Langford

Comic Strip
    The Captive                         Jim Barker

                                        Terry Hill
                                        John Brunner
                                        Hussain R. Mohammed
                                        Ian Abrahams
                                        Dave V. Barrett
                                        Jim Darroch
                                        Glen Warminger
                                        Brian W. Aldiss
                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Bob Ardler
                                        Pat Charnock
                                        David Langford
                                        Simon Bostock
                                        Simon Ounsley
                                        Jon Wallace

                                        Pete Walker
                                        Pete Lyon
                                        John Kerr
                                        Jim Barker
                                        Phill Probert
                                        D. West
                                        Nik Morton
                                        John Dell

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