April/May 1988

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Editor(s):  Maureen Porter
Price:      75p
Pages:      24
Cover:      Lynne Bispham
Notes:      #75

    Red Shift                           Maureen Porter

    Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column   Maureen Porter
    News                                Paul Kincaid and
                                        Stan Nicholls
    The Periodic Table                  Maureen Porter
    Fire & Hemlock: The Fanzine Column  Maureen Porter
    Competition Corner (M74 answers, M75
          competition)                  Elizabeth Sourbut and
                                        Maureen Porter

    Soapbox: An Open Letter to the BSFA Ken Lake
    Microcon Review                     Richmond Hunt
    A Very Brief History of TAFF        Rob Hansen
    From Mary Shelley to Monty Python 
          and Then                      Rob Meades

Film & Media Reviews
    Robocop                             Colin Bird
    Timewatch (TV)                      Richmond Hunt
    Dan Dire: Pilot of the Future       Roy Gray
    Red Dwarf (TV)                      Martyn Taylor
    Prison Ship Star Slammer            John Peake

                                        Jessica Yates
                                        Nik Morton
                                        Trevor Jones
                                        Nick Cheesman
                                        Lynne Bispham
                                        Ian Mundell
                                        Cecil Nurse
                                        Allan Langdale
                                        James Parker
                                        Steven Tew
                                        Peter Tennant
                                        John Peters
                                        Kev McVeigh
                                        Martyn Taylor
                                        Joy Hibbert
                                        Joseph Nicholas

                                        David Griffiths
                                        Kevin R. Smith
                                        Richard McLaren
                                        Arthur Thomson
                                        Matt Brooker

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