Paperback Inferno

April 1981

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Price:      15p
Pages:      12, A4

Notes:      Volume 4, No 5, 25th issue

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
    Wizard                              John Varley

Book Reviews by Tony Dixon
    Leviathan's Deep                    Jayge Carr

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    A Storm of Wings                    M. John Harrison
    The Beginning Place                 Ursula K. Le Guin
    The Dying Earth                     Jack Vance

Book Reviews by John Hobson
    As on a Darkling Plain              Ben Bova

Book Reviews by Roz Kaveney
    A Planet Called Treason             Orson Scott Card

Book Reviews by Roy Macinski
    A Cold Wind from Orion              Scott Asnin
    Space                               Martin Ince

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Riverworld and Other Stories        Philip Jose Farmer
    The Gates of Creation               Philip Jose Farmer
    Wheelworld                          Harry Harrison
    What If? Volume 1 (Ed)              Richard A. Lupoff
    What If? Volume 2 (Ed)              Richard A. Lupoff
    The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle     Michael Moorcock
    A Spadeful of Spacetime (Ed)        Fred Saberhagen
    Prison of Light                     E. C. Tubb
    Incident on Ath                     E. C. Tubb

Book Reviews by Kevin K. Rattan
    Capitol                             Orson Scott Card
    Hot Sleep                           Orson Scott Card

Book Reviews by Ian Williams
    Find the Changeling                 Gregory Benford and
                                        Gordon Eklund
    The Garden of Winter                Gordon Eklund

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