Paperback Inferno

February 1981

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Price:      15p
Pages:      14, A4

Notes:      Volume 4, No 4, 24th issue

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
    Ambulance Ship                      James White

Book Reviews by Bill Carlin
    After the Fall (Ed)                 Robert Sheckley

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
    A Jungle of Stars                   Jack Chalker

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    The Wounded Land                    Stephen R. Donaldson
    Night Shift                         Stephen King

Book Reviews by William Goodall
    The Micronauts                      Gordon Williams

Book Reviews by Steev Higgins
    Sovereign                           R. M. Meluch

Book Reviews by David Langford
    The Integrated Man                  Michael Berlyn

Book Reviews by Roy Macinski
    The Paradise Plot                   Ed Naha

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Extraterrestrial Encounter          Chris Boyce
    The Mighty Micro                    Christopher Evans
    The Magic Labyrinth                 Philip Jose Farmer
    The Strangest Star                  John Gribbin
    Timewarps                           John Gribbin
    Our Changing Planet                 John Gribbin
    Black Holes and Warped Spacetime    William J. Kaufman
    In the Centre of Immensities        Bernard Lovell
    Logan's Search                      William F. Nolan
    The Drawing of the Dark             Tim Powers
    Broca's Brain                       Carl Sagan
    Emphyrio                            Jack Vance
    Wyst: Alastor 1716                  Jack Vance

Book Reviews by Keith Plunkett
    Cemetery World                      Clifford D. Simak

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
    The Edge of Running Water           William Sloane

Book Reviews by Ian Williams
    Firebird                            Charles L. Harness
    The Spinner                         Doris Piserchia
    The Fluger                          Doris Piserchia

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