Paperback Inferno

August 1983

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Price:      15p
Pages:      16, A4

Notes:      Volume 7, No 1, 39th issue

    Wasn't Born to Follow               Joseph Nicholas

                                        Martin Tudor
                                        Nigel Richardson
                                        Dave Swinden
                                        Philip Collins

                                        Nik Morton

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    The Way the Future Was              Frederik Pohl
    The Eureka Years (Ed)               Annette Peltz McComas

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
    The Fifth Head of Cerberus          Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    Circus World                        Barry B. Longyear
    Manifest Destiny                    Barry B. Longyear
    Elephant Song                       Barry B. Longyear

Book Reviews by Roelof Goudriaan
    A Secret History of Time To Come    Robie Macauley

Book Reviews by John Hobson
    And All the Stars a Stage           James Blish

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Kepler                              John Banville

Book Reviews by David Langford
    The Sun Shines Bright               Isaac Asimov
    Roderick at Random                  John Sladek

Book Reviews by Nick Lowe
    Unicorns! (Ed)                      Jack Dann and
                                        Gardner Dozois

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    The Nuclear Barons                  Peter Pringle and
                                        James Spigleman
    Deathhunter                         Ian Watson

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Common Crisis - North-South: Co-
          operation for World Recovery  The Brandt Commission
    Vaneglory                           George Turner

Book Reviews by Nigel Richardson
    The Machineries of Joy              Ray Bradbury
    Collected Fantasies                 Avram Davidson

Book Reviews by Pascal Thomas
    Blooded on Arachne                  Michael Bishop

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