Paperback Inferno

June 1983

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Price:      15p
Pages:      14, A4

Notes:      Volume 6, No 6, 38th issue

    The Times They Are A-Changin'       Joseph Nicholas

    Blood on the Racks                  Chris Bailey

                                        Sue Thomason
                                        Nigel Richardson
                                        Malcolm Edwards

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
    Preferred Risk                      Frederik Pohl and
                                        Lester del Rey

Book Reviews by Bill Carlin
    Byzantium Endures                   Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
    Dhalgren                            Samuel R. Delany

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    The Insider                         Chris Evans
    The Floating Gods                   M. John Harrison

Book Reviews by Nigel Richardson
    Fallen Star                         James Blish

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
    The Door in the Hedge               Robin McKinley

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Dying of Paradise                   Stephen Couper
    The Ice Belt                        Stephen Couper

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