July/August 2000

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Andrew M. Butler and Gary S. Dalkin and Steve Jeffery
Price:      £2.50
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      Tony Cullen
Notes:      #212, Roles: Production & General, Features, Editorial & Letters, Features, Editorial & Letters, Reviews

    The View from the Science Museum    Gary S. Dalkin

                                        Terri Trimble
                                        Syd Foster
                                        Kev McVeigh

    Lights in the Darkness of Genre: Two
          Novels by Tricia Sullivan     Nick Gevers
    The Best of British IV: The 1980s 
          and 1990s                     Andrew M. Butler and
                                        Tanya Brown and
                                        Paul Billinger and
                                        Paul Kincaid and
                                        Maureen Kincaid Speller
    Hunting the Unicorn: Unicorns in 
          Modern Fantasy Fiction        Sandra Unerman
    Bookspotting: The Wall Around the 
          Concentration Camp: The Civil 
          Engineering of _The Turner 
          Diaries_                      L. J. Hurst

    A Conversation with Tricia Sullivan Tricia Sullivan
        by Tanya Brown

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
    Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime: 
          Volume 1: Breaking Strain     Paul Preuss

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    The Cerulean Anthology of Sci-Fi/
          Outer Space/Fantasy Poetry and
          Prose (Ed)                    Blair H. Allen
    Lion Time in Timbuctoo              Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
    The Black Rood                      Stephen Lawhead

Book Reviews by Paul Billinger
    Foursight (Ed)                      Peter Crowther
    Dracula Cha Cha Cha                 Kim Newman

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Lodestar                            Michael F. Flynn
    Hell's Horizon                      Darren O'Shaughnessy

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
    Child of Fire                       Jocelin Foxe
    A Shadow on the Glass               Ian Irvine

Book Reviews by Avril A. Brown
    Etruscans: Whom the Gods Love       Morgan Llywelyn and
                                        Michael Scott

Book Reviews by Stuart Carter
    The Martian Race                    Gregory Benford
    Malignos                            Richard Calder

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
    Patriarch's Hope                    David Feintuch

Book Reviews by Iain Emsley
    Flowers for Algernon                Daniel Keyes
    Strange Travellers                  Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
    The Jackal of Nar: Book One of 
          Tyrants and Kings             John Marco

Book Reviews by Leslie Hatch
    Knights of Madness (Ed)             Peter Haining
    The Daughters of Bast: The Hidden 
          Land                          Sarah Isidore
    The Songster                        Adam Nichols

Book Reviews by Robert W. Hayler
    Vast                                Linda Nagata

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
    More Than Human                     Theodore Sturgeon
    The Perseids and Other Stories      Robert Charles Wilson

Book Reviews by Penny Hill
    The Farseekers: Book Two of the 
          Obernewtyn Chronicles         Isabelle Carmody
    Sir Stalwart: Book One of the King's
          Daggers                       Dave Duncan

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    Mass: The Art of John Harris        John Harris and
                                        Ron Tiner
    Enchanted World                     Anne Sudworth and
                                        John Grant
    Inner Visions                       Ron Walotsky and
                                        Nigel Suckling
    Greetings from Earth                Bob Eggleton and
                                        Nigel Suckling

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Sars and Stripes in Peril           Harry Harrison

Book Reviews by David Langford
    In Green's Jungles                  Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Vikki Lee
    The Redemption of Althalus          David Eddings and
                                        Leigh Eddings
    Lord of Emperors                    Guy Gavriel Kay
    The Burning City                    Larry Niven and
                                        Jerry Pournelle

Book Reviews by Kev McVeigh
    Seven for the Apocalypse            Kit Reed

Book Reviews by Farah Mendlesohn
    redRobe                             Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Book Reviews by Scott T. Merrifield
    Iron Shadows                        Stephen Barnes

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    Jumping Off the Planet              David Gerrold

Book Reviews by Mark Plummer
    Gnawing Medusa's Flesh: The Science 
          Fiction Poetry of Robert 
          Calvert                       Steve Sneyd and
                                        David Jones

Book Reviews by Andrew Seaman
    Ascendant Sun                       Catherine Asaro
    The Silicon Dagger                  Jack Williamson

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    The Merciful Women (Translated by 
          Alberto Manguel)              Frederick Andaharzi

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    Lady of Horses                      Judith Tarr

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Soldiers Live                       Glen Cook

Book Reviews by Gary Wilkinson
    The Power                           Frank M. Robinson

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