September/October 2000

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Editor(s):  Tony Cullen and Andrew M. Butler and Gary S. Dalkin and Steve Jeffery
Price:      £2.50
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      China Mieville
Notes:      #213, Roles: Production & General, Features, Editorial & Letters, Features, Editorial & Letters, Reviews

    The View from the Revolution        Andrew M. Butler

    Blowing Raspberries                 China Mieville
        by Mark Bould
    Fantasy, Magic, History             Guy Gavriel Kay
        by Cherith Baldry

    Cognitive Mapping, 19: Gormenghast  Paul Kincaid
    Abjection and _the Thing_           Andrew M. Butler
    Where, not When, was Ray Bradbury?  L. J. Hurst

                                        Cy Chauvin
    Spectrum SF                         Paul Fraser
    Reply to Paul Fraser                Paul Kincaid
                                        Sean Russell Friend
    Reply to Sean Russell Friend        Gary S. Dalkin

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
    Timescape                           Gregory Benford

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
    King of the City                    Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
    Fabulous Brighton (Ed)              Elizabeth Counihan and
                                        Deirdre Counihan and
                                        Liz Williams
    The Gate of Fire                    Thomas Harlan
    Voice of the Demon                  Kate Jacoby

Book Reviews by Paul Billinger
    Spectrum SF 1 (Ed)                  Paul Fraser
    Spectrum SF 2 (Ed)                  Paul Fraser
    Seven Stars                         Kim Newman

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
    Hawk & Fisher 2: Fear and Loathing 
          in Haven                      Simon R. Green

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham

Book Reviews by Claire Brialey
    No Enemy But Time                   Michael Bishop

Book Reviews by Avril A. Brown
    A Civil Campaign                    Lois McMaster Bujold

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
    Perdido Street Station              China Mieville

Book Reviews by Stuart Carter
    Darwin's Radio                      Greg Bear
    Sten                                Chris Bunch and
                                        Allan Cole

Book Reviews by Mat Coward
    Tower of Glass                      Robert Silverberg
    Wasp                                Eric Frank Russell

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
    A History and Critical Analysis of 
          Blake's 7, the 1978-1981 
          British Televison Space 
          Adventure                     John Kenneth Muir
    Far Horizons (Ed)                   Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Stephen Deas
    Voyage to Eneh                      Roland J. Green

Book Reviews by Iain Emsley
    Vengeance of Dragons                Holly Lisle
    The Sapphire Throne                 Freda Warrington

Book Reviews by Leslie Hatch
    To the King a Daughter              Andre Norton and
                                        Sasha Miller

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
    Time and the Gods                   Lord Dunsany
    The Worm Ouroboros                  E. R. Eddison

Book Reviews by Penny Hill
    Long After Midnight                 Ray Bradbury

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    The SFWA Grand Masters Volume 2 (Ed)
                                        Frederik Pohl
    Jules Verne: Narratives of 
          Modernity                     Edward Smyth

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
    Meet Me at Infinity                 James Tiptree, Jr
    Fountains of Youth                  Brian Stableford
    Year Zero                           Brian Stableford

Book Reviews by Carol Ann Kerry-Green
    The 10th Kingdom                    Kathryn Wesley

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Look to Windward                    Iain M. Banks
    Joe's Liver                         Paul di Filippo
    The Guns of Valverde                P. G. Nagle

Book Reviews by Farah Mendlesohn
    Star Trek and Sacred Ground: 
          Explorations of Star Trek, 
          Religion and American Culture 
          (Ed)                          Jennifer E. Porter and
                                        Darcee L. McLaren

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
    Slow Lightning                      Jack McDevitt

Book Reviews by John D. Owen
    Marrow                              Robert Reed

Book Reviews by Mark Plummer
    The Big Time                        Fritz Leiber
    The Miocene Arrow                   Sean McMullen

Book Reviews by Andy Sawyer
    Back in the Spaceship Again: 
          Juvenile Science Fiction 
          Series Since 1945             Karen Sands

Book Reviews by Andrew Seaman
    New York Nights                     Eric Brown

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    The Circle and the Cross            Caiseal Mor

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
    Valhalla                            Tom Holt
    Paradox                             John Meaney

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