Summer 1962

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Editor(s):  Ella Parker
Price:      ?p
Pages:      28, quarto
Cover:      Terry Jeeves
Notes:      #16

                                        Ella A. Parker

    It's Peterborough in '63!           Ella A. Parker
    Publisher's Hello                   J. Michael Rosenblum
    Minutes of 1962 B.S.F.A. A.G.M.     uncredited
    Secretary's Report                  Ken Cheslin
    John Russell Fearn: The Forgotten 
          Master - An Estimation, Part 
          1                             Philip Harbottle

    General Chunterings                 Ken F. Slater

                                        Jean Graman
                                        Peter Gooch
                                        R. S. Marsden

Book Reviews by Brian W. Aldiss
    Foundation and Empire               Isaac Asimov
    The Lovers                          Philip Jose Farmer

Book Reviews by John Ashcroft
    Calculated Risk                     Charles Eric Maine
    The Small Assassin and Other Stories
                                        Ray Bradbury

Book Reviews by J. A. Groves
    Planet of the Dreamers              John D. MacDonald
    Tomorrow and Tomorrow               Hunt Collins
    The Challenge of the Spaceship      Arthur C. Clarke

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