July 1963

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Editor(s):  Archie Mercer
Price:      ?p
Pages:      28, quarto
Cover:      Terry Jeeves
Notes:      #20

                                        Archie Mercer

    Science Fiction in Schools          Ron Bennett
    The Future of Science Fiction       Arthur C. Clarke
    New Road-Maps to Chaos              C. P. McKenzie

                                        Philip Harbottle
                                        Donald Franson
                                        Bert Lewis
                                        Brian Rolls
                                        Dennis Tucker
                                        Roy Kay
                                        Don R. Smith
                                        Paul Lambert
                                        N. P. Morton
                                        Doreen Parker
                                        Tony Edwards
                                        Harry Nadler
                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        C. Smith
                                        Ewan Hedger
                                        Jim England

Book Reviews by Sheila R. Pinnington
    Catseye                             Andre Norton

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