May 1963

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Editor(s):  Archie Mercer
Price:      ?p
Pages:      36, quarto
Cover:      Ian Aldridge
Notes:      #19

                                        A. H. Mercer

    The Real Thing                      James Parkhill-Rathbone

    Miscellaneous NOT Competitions      A. H. Mercer

    Windwagon                           Ian Peters
    And the Smoke Came Down the Chimney 
          Just the Same (reprint from 
          Breeschluss Dec 1954)         Irene Potter
    The Author's Lot                    Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Jim Groves
    Tomorrow Came                       Edmund Cooper

Book Reviews by Sid Birchby
    The Grey Ones                       John Lymington
    Wasp                                Eric Frank Russell

Book Reviews by A. H. Mercer
    Alien Issue 1 (Ed)                  Tony Edwards

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