November 1964

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      52, quarto
Cover:      Dave Busby
Notes:      #29

                                        Rog Peyton

    Marquartstein Equilateral           Archie Mercer
    A Question of Characterisation      Dave Busby

    For Your Information                Jim Groves
    Now What Seems to be the Trouble?   "Dr. Peristyle"

                                        Michael Houghton
                                        Ed James
                                        Dick Howett
                                        R. Gilbert
                                        Graham Hall
                                        Richard Gordon
                                        Ivor Latto
                                        Dave Busby
                                        Don R. Smith
                                        Charles Platt
                                        Brian Rolls
                                        Joseph Zajaczkowski
                                        Archie Mercer

Book Reviews by Bill Webb
    The Best from Fantasy and Science 
          Fiction: Ninth Series (Ed)    Robert P. Mills

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
    Transit                             Edmund Cooper

Book Reviews by Harry Harrison
    Greybeard                           Brian W. Aldiss

Book Reviews by Ron Bennett
    Beyond the Barrier                  Damon Knight

Book Reviews by Charles Winstone
    New Writings in SF 2 (Ed)           John Carnell

Book Reviews by Charles Platt
    Judgement on Janus                  Andre Norton

Book Reviews by Ian McAulay
    The Paradox Men                     Charles L. Harness

Book Reviews by Mike Turner
    A Life for the Stars                James Blish

Book Reviews by Don Malcolm
    Time and Stars                      Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
    Scavengers in Space                 Alan E. Nourse

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