January/February 1973

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Editor(s):  Malcolm Edwards
Price:      30p
Pages:      40, A5
Cover:      Dave Rowe
Notes:      #63, Special Brian Aldiss issue

    Lead-In                             Malcolm Edwards

    To Barsoom and Beyond: E.R.B. and 
          the Weirdies                  Brian W. Aldiss
    From the Easy Chair (Brian Aldiss)  Harry Harrison
    A Transatlantic View (of Brian 
          Aldiss)                       James Blish
    Author's Choice: Keeping Ahead of 
          Barefoot in the Head          Brian W. Aldiss
    Reporting on Possibilities (Report 
          on Probability A)             Philip Strick
    Frontiers of Literature             uncredited

    BSFA News                           Archie Mercer

                                        Dave Rowe
                                        Andrew Stephenson
                                        Jon Harvey

Book Reviews by Philip Strick
    Report on Probability A             Brian W. Aldiss

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