March/April 1973

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Editor(s):  Malcolm Edwards
Price:      30p
Pages:      40, A5
Cover:      Andrew Stephenson
Notes:      #64

    Lead-In                             Malcolm Edwards

    The Android and the Human           Philip K. Dick
    The Extraordinary Behaviour of 
          Ordinary Materials            Bob Shaw
    Author's Choice                     Poul Anderson

    BSFA News                           Archie Mercer
    The Fannish Inquisition (Maya 5; 
          Outworlds 14; Madcap 2; Zimri 
          4; Hell 7; Scythrop 27)       Peter Roberts

                                        Alan Hunter

Book Reviews by John Bowles
    The Time Masters                    Wilson Tucker
    A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!     Harry Harrison

Book Reviews by George Zebrowski
    The Book of Skulls                  Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
    The Missionaries                    D. G. Compton

Book Reviews by David Compton
    The Book of Strangers               Ian Dallas

Book Reviews by Malcolm Edwards
    The Iron Dream                      Norman Spinrad
    Mirror Image                        Michael G. Coney

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    The World Inside                    Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Rob Holdstock
    Worlds Apart - An Anthology of 
          Interplanetary Fiction (Ed)   George Locke

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