Gillian Rooke


  "Tag! Your It" Writing Speech 
     Focus, Sum 2009
  Beware of the Infodump 
     Focus, Win 2008
  Forum: Writing About Characters 
     Focus, Jun 1993
  Fossils or Figments 
     Vector, Jun 1992


  Orbiter: Changing Orbits 
     Matrix, Jul 2003
     Matrix, Sep 2003
     Matrix, Jul 2003
     Matrix, Sep 2003
  Orbiter: What is an Orbit? 
     Matrix, Nov 2003
     Matrix, Nov 2003


     Vector, Apr 1992
     Focus, Spr 2010

Book Reviews

  Time's Chariot  - Ben Jeapes
     Vector, Win 2008


     Focus, Aug 1995

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