Focus, June/July 1993

Editor(s): Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green 
Pages: 16, A4
Price: ?p
Notes: #24

  Through a telephoto lens, lightly ... - Julie Venner  Carol Ann Green 

  Second Coming (drabble) - Barbara Davies 
  Senses - Syd Foster 
  The Cost of Skills - Cherith Baldry 
  News from the Inner Solar System - David Piper 

  Tell Me the Old, Old Story - Stephen Gallagher 
  Epistle to an Editor - Terra Firma 
  Forum: Characters ... - Geoff Ryman 
  Forum: Characters - Lisa Tuttle 
  Forum: Characters - Stephen Gallagher 
  Forum: Characters? - Carolyn Horn 
  Forum: Writing Characters - Graham Joyce 
  Forum: Characters and How They Grow - Gwyneth Jones 
  Forum: Characters - Andrew M. Butler 
  Forum: Writing About Characters - Gillian Rooke 
  Forum: Characters - Justina Robson 
  Writing a first novel - Sally-Ann Melia 
  Writing Science Fiction - Brian Stableford 
  The Art of Reading a Review - Paul Kincaid 
  The Cassandra Experience - Stuart Falconer 

  Dr Greenland's Prescription - Colin Greenland 

   - Julie Venner 
   - Ian Bell 
   - The Gremlin 
   - Haigho Dwerrystane 
   - The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin 

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
  The Way to Write Science Fiction - Brian Stableford 

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