Paperback Parlour, August 1978

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne 
Pages: 10, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 2, No 4, 10th issue

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  The Green Man - Kingsley Amis 
  A Field Guide to the Little People - Nancy Arrowsmith  George Moorse 
  In the Ocean of Night - Gregory Benford 
  Star Trek 12 - James Blish  J. A. Lawrence 
  The Shattered Chain - Marion Zimmer Bradley 
  Star of Danger - Marion Zimmer Bradley 
  The Sword of Shannara - Terry Brooks 
  Ecotopia - Ernest Callenbach 
  Suaine and the Crow-God - Stuart Gordon 
  The People of the Mist - H. Rider Haggard 
  The Genesis Machine - James P. Hogan 
  Orsinian Tales - Ursula K. Le Guin 
  Shock 2 - Richard Matheson 
  Teacup Fortune-Telling - Jo Sheridan 
  The Fenris Device - Brian Stableford 
  Swan Song - Brian Stableford 
  Star Trek Fotonovel 4: A Taste of Armageddon - uncredited 

Book Reviews by Deborah Hickenlooper
  Drunkard's Walk - Frederik Pohl 
  Capricorn One - Bernard L. Ross  Peter Hyams 
  Warlords of Atlantis - Paul Victor 

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  The Day of Their Return - Poul Anderson 
  Deus Irae - Philip K. Dick  Roger Zelazny 
  Mistress of Mistresses - E. R. Eddison 
  Man and the Stars - Duncan Lunan 
  Wind from the Abyss - Janet E. Morris 

Book Reviews by Mike Scott Rohan
  When the World Shook - H. Rider Haggard 
  The World's Desire - H. Rider Haggard  Andrew Lang 

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Part Two: 1936-1945 (Edited) - Michael Ashley 
  The Bicentennial Man - Isaac Asimov 
  Please Explain - Isaac Asimov 
  The Drought - J. G. Ballard 
  Novella: 3 (Edited) - Ben Bova 
  THX 1138 - Ben Bova 
  The Last Starship from Earth - John Boyd 
  Perry Rhodan 34: SOS: Spaceship Titan - Kurt Brand 
  The Death of Grass - John Christopher 
  Ancient, My Enemy - Gordon R. Dickson 
  The Cabal - Saul Dunn 
  Midworld - Alan Dean Foster 
  Sci-Fi Now - Alan Frank 
  Future Perfect (Edited) - H. Bruce Franklin 
  Science Fiction (Edited) - James Gibson 
  The Bloodstar Conspiracy - Stephen Goldin  E. E. "Doc" Smith 
  The Oil Heist - W. A. Harbinson 
  Fluke - James Herbert 
  Damien - Omen II - Joseph Howard 
  Travelling Towards Epsilon (Edited) - Maxim Jakubowski 
  Raven 2: A Time of Ghosts - Richard Kirk 
  Far Out - Damon Knight 
  Fury - Henry Kuttner 
  Nebula Award Stories 11 (Edited) - Ursula K. Le Guin 
  Perry Rhodan 35: Beware the Microbots - Kurt Mahr 
  The Condition of Muzak - Michael Moorcock 
  Gateway - Frederik Pohl 
  Black Holes (Edited) - Jerry Pournelle 
  Future Facts - Stephen Rosen 
  The Omen - David Seltzer 
  The Stochastic Man - Robert Silverberg 
  Star Songs of an Old Primate - James Tiptree, Jr 
  The Ophiuchi Hotline - John Varley 
  Damnation Alley - Roger Zelazny 

Book Reviews by Rachel Vernon
  The Fury - John Farris 

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