Vector, Spring 1974

Editor(s): Malcolm Edwards 
Pages: 80, A5
Price: 45p
Notes: #67/68

  Lead-In - Malcolm Edwards 

  Three Views of Tolkien: The Staring Eye - Ursula K. Le Guin 
  Three Views of Tolkien: The Tolkien Toll-Free Fifties Freeway to Mordor and Points Beyond Hurray! - Gene Wolfe 
  Three Views of Tolkien: Anatomy of a Romance - Peter Nicholls 
  Letters from Amerika 1: The Invisible (June 6th 1973) - Philip K. Dick 
  Letters from Amerika 2: Mob Rule (September 1st 1973) - Philip K. Dick 
  Period of Transition - Michael G. Coney 
  After the Renaissance - Brian W. Aldiss 
  Machines and Inventions: Deus Ex Machina: SF & Technology, Part 2 - Brian M. Stableford 
  Down-at-Heel Galaxy - Brian W. Aldiss 

  Dick/Android & Human/Bob Shaw - Joanna Russ 
  Reply to J Russ - Bob Shaw 
  Stableford/robots/Compton/Adlard - Tony Sudbery 
  Aldiss/Wells/Le Guin - Poul Anderson 

Film Reviews
  THX 1138 - Philip Strick 
  The Final Programme - Chris Fowler 

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
  When Harlie Was One - David Gerrold 

Book Reviews by Christopher Priest
  The Man Who Folded Himself - David Gerrold 

Book Reviews by Tony Sudbery
  Volteface - Mark Adlard 
  New Writings in SF 22 (Edited) - Kenneth Bulmer 

Book Reviews by Malcolm Edwards
  Cults of Unreason - Christopher Evans 
  Breakfast of Champions - Kurt Vonnegut 
  The Anome - Jack Vance 
  Trullion: Alastor 2262 - Jack Vance 
  The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two (Edited) - Ben Bova 
  Mirror Image - Michael G. Coney 
  Time Out of Mind - Richard Cowper 
  Heritage of the Star - Sylvia Engdahl 
  The Crystal Gryphon - Andre Norton 
  Midsummer Century - James Blish 
  The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World - Harry Harrison 
  The Invincible - Stanislaw Lem 
  The Fingelnan Conspioracy - John Rankine 
  The Three Eyes of Evil - A. E. van Vogt 
  Deathworld 1 - Harry Harrison 
  Deathworld 2 - Harry Harrison 
  Deathworld 3 - Harry Harrison 
  Conan the Adventurer - Robert E. Howard 
  Conan the Warrior - Robert E. Howard 
  New Worlds 6 (Edited) - Michael Moorcock  Charles Platt 
  Kalin - E. C. Tubb 
  The Steam-Driven Boy - John Sladek 

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