Gene Wolfe


  Notes from Clarion 
     Focus, Feb 1990
  Our Young Gamer 
     Vector, Feb 1984
  Three Views of Tolkien: The Tolkien Toll-Free Fifties Freeway to Mordor and Points Beyond Hurray! 
     Vector, Spr 1974


     Vector, May 1973 by Malcolm Edwards
  A Two-foot Square of Gene Wolfe 
     Vector, Feb 1984 by Judith Hanna Nicholas Joseph


     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1984
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1984
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1984
     Vector, Jun 1984
     Vector, May 1973

Books Reviewed

  An Evil Guest 
     Vector, Aut 2008 by Martin Potts
  Calde of the Long Sun 
     Vector, Jul 1995 by David Langford
     Vector, Apr 1991 by Paul Kincaid
  The Citadel of the Autarch 
     Vector, Jun 1983 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1992 by Jim Steel
  The Claw of the Conciliator 
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1982 by Judith Hanna
     Vector, Aug 1981 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1991 by Jim Steel
  Endangered Species 
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1990 by Martyn Taylor
  Exodus from the Long Sun 
     Vector, Sep 1997 by David Langford
  The Fifth Head of Cerberus 
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1983 by Chris Bailey
     Vector, Jul 1999 by Steve Jeffery
     Vector, May 1973 by Pamela Sargent
  For Rosemary 
     Vector, Jun 1989 by K. V. Bailey
  Free Live Free 
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1986 by K. V. Bailey
     Vector, Oct 1985 by Paul Kincaid
  Gene Wolfe's Book of Days 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1986 by K. V. Bailey
  In Green's Jungles 
     Vector, Jul 2000 by David Langford
  Innocents Abroad 
     Vector, Sep 2004 by Chris Hill
  The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories 
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1980 by Joseph Nicholas
     Vector, Feb 1982 by Ray Owen
  The Knight 
     Vector, May 2004 by Niall Harrison
  Lake of the Long Sun 
     Vector, Feb 1994 by David Langford
  Nightside the Long Sun 
     Vector, Feb 1994 by David Langford
  On Blue's Waters 
     Vector, Jan 2000 by Gary Wilkinson
  Operation Ares 
     Vector, Jan 1978 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Parlour, Oct 1978 by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Pandora By Holly Hollander 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1992 by Martyn Taylor
  Pandora, By Holly Hollander 
     Vector, Feb 1992 by Jim England
     Vector, Oct 1985 by Mary Gentle
     Vector, Jul 2002 by Cherith Baldry
  Return to the Whorl 
     Vector, Jul 2001 by Gary Wilkinson
  The Shadow of the Torturer 
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1981 by David Langford
     Vector, Jun 1981 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1991 by Jim Steel
  Soldier of Arete 
     Vector, Oct 1990 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1991 by Phil Nichols
  Soldier of Sidon 
     Vector, Mar 2007 by Tony Keen
  Soldier of the Mist 
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1987 by David V. Barrett
     Vector, Feb 1987 by Sue Thomason
  Starwater Strains 
     Vector, Sep 2005 by Niall Harrison
  Storeys from the Old Hotel 
     Vector, Jun 1989 by Helen McNabb
  Strange Travellers 
     Vector, Jul 2000 by Iain Emsley
  The Sword of the Lictor 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1983 by Judith Hanna
     Vector, Jun 1982 by Paul Kincaid
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1992 by Jim Steel
  There Are Doors 
     Vector, Jun 1989 by Paul Kincaid
     Vector, Jan 2002 by Mark Greener
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1990 by L. J. Hurst
  The Urth of the New Sun 
     Vector, Apr 1988 by Martyn Taylor
     Vector, Apr 1988 by Paul Kincaid
  The Wizard 
     Vector, Mar 2005 by Niall Harrison

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