Paperback Parlour, October 1978

Editor(s): Phil Stephensen-Payne 
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 10p
Notes: Volume 2, No 5, 11th issue

   - Phil Stephensen-Payne 

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  The Three Damosels - Vera Chapman 
  Lord Foul's Bane - Stephen Donaldson 
  The Illearth War - Stephen Donaldson 
  The Power That Preserves - Stephen Donaldson 
  Shiny Mountain - David Dvorkin 
  Magic: Science of the Future - Joseph F. Goodavage 
  Astrology: The Space Age Science - Joseph F. Goodavage 
  Mudd's Angels - J. A. Lawrence 
  Star Trek Fotonovel 5: Metamorphosis - uncredited 
  Star Trek Fotonovel 6: All Our Yesterdays - uncredited 

Book Reviews by Deborah Hickenlooper
  Cinnabar - Edward Bryant 
  The Second Bumper Book of Ghost Stories (Edited) - Polly Parkin  James Hale 

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
  The Aquarius Mission - Martin Caidin 
  Perry Rhodan 37: Epidemic Center - Clark Darlton 
  The Tritonian Ring - L. Sprague de Camp 
  When the Kissing Had to Stop - Constantine Fitzgibbon 
  The Portals - Edward Andrew Mann 
  The World is Round - Tony Rothman 
  The Florians - Brian Stableford 
  Marune: Alastor 993 - Jack Vance 
  The Philosopher's Stone - Colin Wilson 

Book Reviews by Mike Scott Rohan
  The Sphinx - Graham Masterton 

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Beauty and the Beast - Chris Achilleos 
  The Plague Dogs - Richard Adams 
  Low-Flying Aircraft - J. G. Ballard 
  The Hermes Fall - John Baxter 
  Welcome to Mars - James Blish 
  The Pollinators of Eden - John Boyd 
  The Rakehells of Heaven - John Boyd 
  New Writings in SF 30 (Edited) - Ken Bulmer 
  Starlight - Hal Clement 
  Iceworld - Hal Clement 
  Beasts - John Crowley 
  Under Compulsion - Thomas M. Disch 
  The Black Moon - Saul Dunn 
  The Art of Science Fiction - Frank Kelly Freas 
  Masters of Comic Book Art - P. R. Garriock 
  The Conjurers - David Gurney 
  All My Sins Remembered - Joe Haldeman 
  Mechanismo - Harry Harrison 
  Earthwind - Robert Holdstock 
  Beyond the Barrier - Damon Knight 
  A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else - Ursula K. Le Guin 
  Yendor - Rodney Matthews 
  The High Frontier - Gerard K. O'Neill 
  Killer Mice - Kit Reed 
  Women of Wonder (Edited) - Pamela Sargent 
  The Illustrated Edgar Allen Poe - Satty 
  Medusa's Children - Bob Shaw 
  Earth's Other Shadow - Robert Silverberg 
  The World Inside - Robert Silverberg 
  The Best of Robert Silverberg - Robert Silverberg 
  Last and First Men - Olaf Stapledon 
  Last Men in London - Olaf Stapledon 
  Odd John - Olaf Stapledon 
  Starshine - Theodore Sturgeon 
  Zenya - E. C. Tubb 
  Visions Calendar 1979 - uncredited 
  Rogue Ship - A. E. van Vogt 
  Slan - A. E. van Vogt 
  Manas Manna - Bob Venosa 
  Andromeda 3 (Edited) - Peter Weston 
  Projections: The Gilbert Williams 1979 Calendar - Gilbert Williams 
  Operation Ares - Gene Wolfe 
  Doorways in the Sand - Roger Zelazny 

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