Vector, January/February 2000

Editor(s): Tony Cullen  Andrew M. Butler  Gary S. Dalkin  Steve Jeffery 
Pages: 36, A4
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  The View from the Thirteenth - Andrew M. Butler 

  Mirrors, Doubles, Twins - Patterns in the Fiction of Christopher Priest, Part 2 - Paul Kincaid 
  The Best of British #1: The 1950's - Andrew M. Butler  Andy Sawyer  Maureen Kincaid Speller 
  E. R. James: The Complete Bibliography - Andrew Darlington 

  Inheritor of Dune - Kevin J. Anderson  by Gary S. Dalkin
  From Skipton... to the Stars - E. R. James  by Andrew Darlington

   - John D. Rickett 
   - David Curl 
  Reply to David Curl - Farah Mendlesohn 
  Reply to David Curl - Gary S. Dalkin 
   - Syd Foster 
  Reply to Syd Foster - Andrew M. Butler 

Book Reviews by Andrew Adams
  Orion Arm - Julian May 
  The Swordsman's Oath - Juliet E. McKenna 

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  Alexander at the World's End - Tom Holt 

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
  Avalon - Stephen R. Lawhead 
  China Mountain Zhang - Maureen F. McHugh 
  The Gate to Women's Country - Sheri S. Tepper 

Book Reviews by Elizabeth Billinger
  The Stone and the Maiden - Dennis Jones 

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
  The Keep of Fire - Mark Anthony 
  World's End - Mark Chadbourn 

Book Reviews by Tanya Brown
  Lord Demon - Roger Zelazny  Jane Lindskold 

Book Reviews by Stuart Carter
  All of an Instant - Richard Garfinkle 
  Shadow-Hawk - Garry Kilworth 

Book Reviews by Iain Emsley
  King Rat - China Mieville 
  Mountain of Black Glass - Tad Williams 

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  Echoes in Time - Andre Norton  Sherwood Smith 

Book Reviews by Lesley Hatch
  The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy (Edited) - Mike Ashley 

Book Reviews by Maureen Kincaid Speller
  The Fox Woman - Kij Johnson 

Book Reviews by Robert W. Hayler
  Beaker's Dozen - Nancy Kress 
  Bios - Robert Charles Wilson 

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
  David Brin's Out of Time 3: The Game of Worlds - Roger McBride Allen 
  Half Life - Hal Clement 
  Martian Time-Slip - Philip K. Dick 
  David Brin's Out of Time 2: Tiger Sky - Sheila Finch 
  David Brin's Out of Time 1: Yanked - Nancy Kress 

Book Reviews by Penny Hill
  Beyond The Deepwoods - Paul Stewart  Chris Riddell 
  Stormchaser - Paul Stewart  Chris Riddell 

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  The Trigger - Arthur C. Clarke  Michael Kube-McDowell 
  Beyond Lies the Wub - Philip K. Dick 

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
  Narrating Utopia - Chris Ferns 
  Deconstructing the Starships - Gwyneth Jones 
  The Pure Product - John Kessel 
  There And Back Again - Pat Murphy 

Book Reviews by Carol Ann Kerry-Green
  The Dispossesed - Ursula K. Le Guin 

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Architects of Emortality - Brian Stableford 
  We - Yevgeny Zamyatin 

Book Reviews by Vikki Lee
  Krondor: the Assassins - Raymond E. Feist 
  Earth Final Conflict: The Arrival - Fred Saberhagen 
  Earth Final Conflict: The First Protector - James White 

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
  Teranesia - Greg Egan 

Book Reviews by Andrew Seaman
  The Far Shore of Time - Frederik Pohl 

Book Reviews by Kathy Taylor
  Legion of Thunder - Stan Nicholls 

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  The Drune - Jane Palmer 

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  Best New SF 12 (Edited) - Gardner Dozois 

Book Reviews by Gary Wilkinson
  The Twist - Richard Calder 
  On Blue's Waters - Gene Wolfe 

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