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  ... a million Clutes screaming 'Haecceity!'...  with Paul Kincaid  & Edward James  & Adam Roberts  & Tony Keen  & Graham Sleight  & Martin McGrath  & Andrew M. Butler  & Colin Harris  & Jonathan McCalmont  & Ian Snell  & Paul Raven  & Martin Lewis  & Liz Batty 
     Vector, Jan 2007
  The 2006 Thomas D. Clareson Award 
     Vector, Nov 2006
  Books of the Year 
     Vector, Mar 1999
  Books of the Year - 2001 
     Vector, Mar 2002
  Books of the Year - 2002 
     Vector, Mar 2003
  Books of the Year - 2003 
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  Books of the Year: 2004 
     Vector, Mar 2005
  Catching 'em young: picture book science fiction for the under sevens 
     Vector, Jan 2003
  Impermanent Revolution: The Anarchic Utopias of Ken MacLeod 
     Vector, Nov 1999
  Writing a Ruritania in a post-colonialist world 
     Vector, Sum 2010


     Vector, Spr 2009
  Reply to Chris Dunk 
     Vector, Jul 2003
  Reply to David Curl 
     Vector, Jan 2000
  Sticky Fingers of Time review 
     Matrix, Jul 2004
     Matrix, Jul 2004

Book Reviews

  Accidental Creatures  - Anne Harris
     Vector, Nov 1998
  Backroom Boys: The Secret Return of the British Boffin  - Francis Spufford
     Vector, Jan 2004
  Earth Made of Glass  - John Barnes
     Vector, Sep 1998
  The Great Good Thing  - Roderick Townley
     Vector, Jul 2003
  Midnight Robber  - Nalo Hopkinson
     Vector, Nov 2001
  Mortal Engines  - Philip Reeve
     Vector, May 2002
  Predator's Gold  - Philip Reeve
     Vector, Jan 2004
  redRobe  - Jon Courtenay Grimwood
     Vector, Jul 2000
  Star Trek and Sacred Ground: Explorations of Star Trek, Religion and American Culture (Edited)  - Jennifer E. PorterDarcee L. McLaren
     Vector, Sep 2000
  Stardust and Ashes: Science Fiction in the Christian Perspective  - Stephen May
     Vector, Jul 2001
  The Translator  - John Crowley
     Vector, Nov 2002
  What If? Religious Themes in Science Fiction  - Mike Alsford
     Vector, Nov 2000
  The Xenocide Mission  - Ben Jeapes
     Vector, Nov 2002
  The Year of Our War  - Steph Swainston
     Vector, Jul 2004

Books Reviewed

  Glorifying Terrorism (Edited) 
     Vector, Mar 2007 by Paul Raven
  The Inter-Galactic Playground: A Critical Study of Childrens' and Teens' Science Fiction 
     Vector, Win 2010 by Paul Kincaid
  On Joanna Russ (Edited) 
     Vector, Aut 2010 by Nic Clarke
  The Parliament of Dreams: Conferring on Babylon 5 (Edited)  with Edward James 
     Vector, Jan 1999 by John Newsinger
  Rhetorics of Fantasy 
     Vector, Spr 2009 by Niall Harrison
  Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature (Edited)  with Andrew M. Butler  & Edward James 
     Vector, Nov 2000 by Sue Thomason
  The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod (Edited)  with Andrew M. Butler 
     Vector, Mar 2004 by Claire Brialey

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